UMA Poker Announces ₹1.5 Crores+ GTD Primetime Series Starting August 23

UMA Poker - Primetime Series
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  • Attreyee K. Ganguly August 20, 2019

Staying true to its trend of consistently offering its player base with new and exciting tournaments, UMA Poker is back once again with the “Primetime Series”! Running from August 23 till September 1, the upcoming series boasts of a total prize pool guarantee of over ₹1.5 Crores!

A tournament-centric brand, UMA Poker has always strived to offer great value to its players as evidenced by the recently concluded UMA Poker Series of Poker (USOP) which paid out over ₹3 Crores in prize pool guarantees. Returning for its second edition, the Primetime Series this time has exciting deposit codes on offer for those of you looking to get free tickets! The first edition of the Primetime Series had run from January 8 to 14, earlier this year, and had comprised of 21 events. The second edition boasts of 30 events, with the headline Primetime Main Event sporting an advertised guarantee of ₹40 Lakhs!

Primetime Series: August 23 – September 1

The second edition of the Primetime series comprising of 30 tournaments and a total prize pool guarantee of over ₹1.5 Crores is starting next week. The series will commence with the Primetime Warmup #1 at 5 PM on August 23 and wrap up proceedings with the Primetime Closer #30 which is slated to take place on September 1 at 7 PM.

The tournament buy-ins range from ₹440 to ₹11,000 offering something to players across stakes. Headlining the schedule is the ₹11,000 buy-in Primetime Main Event #29. Offering a guarantee of ₹40 Lakhs, the event is scheduled to start at 6 PM on September 1.

Besides the Main Event, the other high value tournaments to watch out for will be the Primetime Jumbo #5 ₹10 Lakhs GTD (August 24 at 7 PM), the Primetime Voyage Survivor #8 ₹20 Lakhs GTD (August 25 at 6 PM) and the Primetime Mega Bounty #26 ₹16 Lakhs GTD (August 31 at 7 PM).

Speaking about the series, UMA Poker’s co-founder Mrinal Dev Bajaj said, “We faced some serious and contemptible remarks around 2 months ago which were untrue and unnecessary. Many asked us for a statement and a reply, but we at UMA poker have always believed in letting our work speak for us. The success of USOP and Independence Day Survivor is a testament to that. Primetime was one of our most successful series last year and we are sure it will be an even bigger hit this time!”


Primetime Series Full Schedule

EventDate & TimeGuaranteeBuy-in
Primetime Warmup #1August 23, 5:00 PM₹3,00,000₹1,650
Primetime Kickoff #2August 23, 7:00 PM₹8,00,000₹3,850
Primetime Bankroll Maker #3August 23, 10:00 PM₹2,50,000₹2,200
Primetime Madness #4August 24, 5:00 PM₹3,00,000₹1,650
Primetime Jumbo #5August 24, 7:00 PM₹10,00,000₹3,300
Primetime Bankroll Maker #6August 24, 10:00 PM₹2,50,000₹2,200
Primetime Afternoon Rush #7August 25, 2:00 PM₹6,00,000₹3,300
Primetime Voyage Survivor #8August 25, 6:00 PM₹20,00,000₹7,700
Primetime Sunday Sundowner #9August 25, 9:00 PM₹5,00,000₹2,750
Primetime Monday Mania #10August 26, 5:00 PM₹1,00,000₹440
Primetime Cooler (FO) #11August 26, 7:00 PM₹2,00,000₹1,650
Primetime Bankroll Maker #12August 26, 10:00 PM₹2,50,000₹2,200
Primetime Fishpool #13August 27, 5:00 PM₹2,00,000₹1,100
Primetime Shark Tank #14August 27, 7:00 PM₹4,00,000₹2,200
Primetime Bankroll Maker #15August 27, 10:00 PM₹2,50,000₹2,200
Primetime Heater #16August 28, 5:00 PM₹3,00,000₹3,300
Primetime Launchpad #17August 28, 7:00 PM₹8,00,000₹4,400
Primetime Bankroll Maker #18August 28, 10:00 PM₹2,50,000₹2,200
Primetime Thursday Thunder #19August 29, 5:00 PM₹3,00,000₹1,650
Primetime DST #20August 29, 7:00 PM₹8,00,000₹3,850
Primetime Bankroll Maker #21August 29, 10:00 PM₹2,50,000₹2,200
Primetime Fiery Friday #22August 30, 5:00 PM₹1,00,000₹550
Primetime Mega Freeroll #23August 30, 7:00 PM₹2,00,000₹1,100
Primetime Bankroll Maker #24August 30, 10:00 PM₹2,50,000₹2,200
Primetime Mini Bounty #25August 31, 5:00 PM₹8,00,000₹4,400
Primetime Mega Bounty #26August 31, 7:00 PM₹16,00,000₹6,600
Primetime Bankroll Maker #27August 31, 10:00 PM₹2,50,000₹2,200
Primetime Afternoon Rush #28September 1, 2:00 PM₹6,00,000₹3,300
Primetime Main Event #29September 1, 6:00 PM₹40,00,000₹11,000
Primetime Closer #30September 1, 7:00 PM₹5,00,000₹2,750

The Primetime series had made its debut run on Uma Poker earlier this year in January and turned out to be a resounding success.

Deposit Codes

UMA Poker is also offering great deposit offers for this series, and the deposit codes are as follows:

EventDeposit CodeMinimum Deposit Amount
Primetime Warmup #1UPT1₹7,500
Primetime Kickoff #2UPT2₹15,000
Primetime Bankroll Maker #3UPT3₹10,000
Primetime Madness #4UPT4₹7,500
Primetime Jumbo #5UPT5₹15,000
Primetime Bankroll Maker #6UPT6₹10,000
Primetime Afternoon Rush #7UPT7₹15,000
Primetime Voyage Survivor #8UPT8₹25,000
Primetime Sunday Sundowner #9UPT9₹10,000
Primetime Monday Mania #10UPT10₹2,000
Primetime Cooler (FO) #11UPT11₹7,500
Primetime Bankroll Maker #12UPT12₹10,000
Primetime Fishpool #13UPT13₹5,000
Primetime Shark Tank #14UPT14₹10,000
Primetime Bankroll Maker #15UPT15₹10,000
Primetime Heater #16UPT16₹15,000
Primetime Launchpad #17UPT17₹20,000
Primetime Bankroll Maker #18UPT18₹10,000
Primetime Thursday Thunder #19UPT19₹7,500
Primetime DST #20UPT20₹15,000
Primetime Bankroll Maker #21UPT21₹10,000
Primetime Fiery Friday #22UPT22₹3,000
Primetime Mega Freeroll #23UPT23₹5,000
Primetime Bankroll Maker #24UPT24₹10,000
Primetime Mini Bounty #25UPT25₹20,000
Primetime Mega Bounty #26UPT26₹30,000
Primetime Bankroll Maker #27UPT27₹10,000
Primetime Afternoon Rush #28UPT28₹15,000
Primetime Main Event #29UPT29₹40,000
Primetime Closer #30UPT30₹10,000


PokerGuru members can simply deposit 50,000 using the deposit code “PRIMEGURU” to get free tickets to the Primetime Main Event and Primetime Bounty tournament.

UMA Poker – Past Series & Tournaments

UMA Poker has hosted several successful series and tournaments in the past, with the most recent one being the ‘Independence Day Survivor’ event which took place on August 15. The tournament awarded the top 10 finishers ₹73,000 in prize money each, and the deserving winners were Vidhu ‘Burglerking’ Popli, Dhairya ‘DGenerate’ Gupta, Madhav ‘Madpunkz’ Sharma, ‘kidpoker223’, Utkarsh ‘mathfane’ Somaiya, ‘luckyguy’, ‘heuse’, ‘pokerpok’, Tanmay ‘darkhouse’ Parikh and ‘mcderment.’

Other successful series conducted by the site include the Felters series and the Redemption series.

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