Texas Holdem Tournaments

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  • PG News December 23, 2010
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Holdem tournaments are one of the most popular forms of poker today. They provide an excellent opportunity for people to test their poker strategy skills against multiple opponents following standard sport tournament rules. When talking about Holdem tournaments we usually consider tournaments played on more than one table, each based on the Texas holdem poker rules.

The standard scheme of a Holdem tournament is really simple: the player enters the tournament with a set buy-in fee and receives tournaments chips in return which have no cash value. This means that a player can lose only his buy-in but will continue playing until he loses all of his chips or takes everybody else’s chips to win the tournament. This format makes tournaments a lot of fun to participate in and also creates a very competitive spirit of play.

There are other Texas holdem poker rules which are put in place to encourage action on the tables and make tournaments more challenging. At the start, all participants receive an equal number of tournament chips, called starting chip stack. For example a starting stack can be 2000, 5000, 10000 or any amount which the tournament director determines. Each tournament has its blind structure which is a timetable for increasing the size of the blinds according to the predetermined periods. Typically, each blind level can last between 10 min and 1 hour and with the advancement of the blinds levels, the blinds increase, for example from 50-100 to 100 200, etc.

The prize fund is usually determined by the following method: number of players in the tournament times the buy-in fee, minus the tournament rake, which the tournament organizer collects – about 10% commission. For example, if 50 people entered in the tournament with $10+1 buy-in, there is a $500 prizepool and $50 commission. The prize fund is usually distributed among the top 10% finishers in the tournament, as the winner takes between 20%-25% of the prize, the second between 10%-15%, etc.

In India tournaments have rapidly gained popularity and the Indian tournament circuit is growing fast with multiple Poker Tournament Schedule  taking place in Goa. If you would like to hone your poker skills before joining the live tournaments circuit, we recommend playing online on one of the top poker websites. PokerGuru has compiled a comprehensive list of poker sites with the best offers available for its members at the Online Poker Section.

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