Pranav Bagai Wins Casino Royale Cup Main Event

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  • PG News June 25, 2012
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New Delhi based Pranav Bagai has taken down the Casino Royale Cup INR 50K Main Event besting a field of 43 players to take home his biggest tournament cash of INR 8,12,000. Officially slated to be held across 3 days, the below expectation turnouts for the event ensured that the event concluded in 2 days.

Bagai took an early lead on Day 1 which fared him well for most of the day and saw him ending the day in the chip lead over the 13 other players with 1,70,700 chips.  Team mentor Rohit Bhalla was one of the few players who added to Pranav`s stack when his  failed to catch up against  of Bagai on the board . Fellow team mentor Aditya ‘Intervention’ Agarwal too failed to make it to Day 2 after he got unlucky in a hand against Santhosh Govindaraj. The hand in question saw 3 players see a flop of . Intervention checked, Santhosh moved allin for 10,000 chips, the other player folded and Intervention called. Intervention tabled  against  of Santhosh. The turn  and river  completed a full house for Santhosh and Intervention lost over half his stack. After nursing his short stack for over an hour, Intervention finally hit the rails holding  against Adolfo Gustavo`s .

Team Pro Sangeeth ‘Samoh’ Mohan crashed out of the CR Cup main event on Day 1 after losing a coin flip with his  colliding against Amit Varma`s . Day 1 concluded after 10 levels of play with 14 players remaining in contention for the title.

Day 2 saw many players making early exit. Joining the list of early bust outs were Amit Varma and Nitish Gupta with Fillipov Yuriv bubbling the final table in 10th place.

Final Table Chip Counts:

1st – Pranav Bagai – 182,500 chips

2nd – Ramandeep Gujral – 160,300 chips

3rd – Patrick Jann – 121,900 chips

4th – Adolfo Coveiro Rodriguez – 100,100 chips 

5th – Neil Kapoor – 75,800 chips

6th – Prashant Correa – 71,900 chips

7th – Alex Loon – 57,100 chips

8th – Uday Patil – 55,900 chips

9th – Raj Ramakrishnan – 34,400 chips

Raj Ramakrishnan was the first casualty on the final table when his  collided against  of Neil Kapoor. No help on the board for Raj ensured his departure in 9th place. The tables turned for Neil soon afterwards when he lost a crucial hand against Team Mentor Ramandeep Gujral who rivered a straight with  on a board of . Neil made a valiant comeback and eventually finished 3rd going out holding  against  of Adolfo Rodriguez.

Team Mentor Ramandeep Gujral earned the dreaded ‘money bubble’ tag when his  failed to catch up against the chip leader Pranav Bagai`s  on the board of . Bagai had now collected over half the chips in play and put them to work right away, eliminating both Prashant Correa and Alex Loon. With Neil eliminated in 3rd place it was heads-up for the title between Bagai and Adolfo Rodriguez. It just took a couple of hands for the heads-up match to be completed and the final showdown saw Bagai holding  against Adolfo`s . The board opened  and with that we had our first CR Cup champion.

CR Cup INR 50K Main Event Results:

1. Pranav Bagai – INR 8,12,000

2. Adolfo Coveiro Rodriguez – INR 5,03,000

3. Neil Kapoor – INR 2,90,000

4. Alex Hua Tai Loon – INR 1,95,000

5. Prashant Correa – INR 1,35,000

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Here is a video of the winning hand from the CR Cup Main Event:


Side Event Results:

Event 1: INR 15K Freezeout (Deep Stack) Results

                              Winner of CR CUP Event 1: INR 15K Freezeout (Deep Stack) – Uday Patil 

1. Uday Patil – INR 1,50,000

2. Ashley Cowin – INR 90,000

3. Rohit Bhalla – INR 60,000

4. Aditya 'Intervention' Agarwal – INR 37,500

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Event 3: INR 12K Bounty Results

                     Winner of CR CUP Event 3: INR 12K Bounty – Paul Hockins 

1. Paul Hockins – INR 85,000

2. Terrence John Plummer – INR 51,000

3. Dzmitry Shorakh – INR 34,000

4. Swaroop B.S – INR 19,000

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