PokerStars Now Offers New Lottery Style Spin & Go Tournaments

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  • PG News October 2, 2014
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Lotteries are ever enticing, with their promise of rich cash rewards for speculating a small amount. Starting Tuesday, PokerStars has entered the exciting world of lottery Sit & Go`s with its latest offering, the Spin & Go tournaments.

Players logging on to the site will find the new tab in the site lobby. These new games will be 3-player tournaments, with a blind structure, based on hyper-turbos.

The $1 to $30 games would feature payouts that would range from double to a 1,000 times the amount of buy ins, making this new offering one of the most attractive, especially to recreational players.

These 500 chip tournaments can be played singly or multiple at a time (5 tables seems to be the limit at the moment).

Just like a lottery, the player gets to know the prize pool after the spinning stops and someone buying for $1 could very well end up playing for a prize pool of $1,200!

At the moment, Spin & Go has tourneys available in $1, $3, $7, $15, and $30 buy-in`s.

PokerStars has repeated the popular winner-takes-all prize structure, as seen in the Winamax Expresso and iPoker Twister Sit & Go tournaments. Additionally, PokerStars is adding another 20% to pay the 2nd and 3rd runners up, if the top three prizes are randomly selected.

PokerStars has also addressed player concerns of rake and has fixed the same with 7% for $1 games, 5% for $3 games and 4% for all other buy-ins.

The chances of hitting the top three payouts on the spin are remote at best (0.005% chance) but the sheer possibility of hitting the jackpot has hooked players to this new format.

You too can join the craziness on PokerStars and try your luck at the Spin & Go tournaments. Simply create a PokerStars account here and get spinning!

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