Gossip Column: Shane Warne Turns Poker Guru For Shilpa Shetty, Ray Bitar’s Opulent Wedding Pics Go Public & Funds Sought For Chimp to Play at WSOP 2016

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It’s a hot April day and the news that reaches us is hotter still! Gossip from poker world never fails to stun and today, we have news of cricketing legend, Shane Warne busy teaching the nuances of poker to the sexy Shilpa Shetty. After that catch all about an accused from Black Friday, Ray Bitar rise from being ‘penniless’ and dying, to have a super ostentatious wedding ever seen four years later! Finally, the things people do to get to the World Series of Poker! A scientist is seeking funds to enter his chimp at the prestigious WSOP!! Aren’t there enough of them already there anyway?!!


Shane Warne’s New Role As “Poker Guru” To Shilpa Shetty

The man sure knows how to choose them, from svelte Elizabeth Hurley to sultry Shilpa Shetty, now Kundra!

While his exploits with Hurley will remain unknown (until the two decide to spill the beans), Warne is now busy teaching poker to India’s very own siren, Shilpa. The 46-year old was in town recently for his commitments with the World T20 and caught up with his former IPL franchise Rajasthan Royal owners, Raj and Shilpa Shetty-Kundra.

The three had a great time playing a friendly game of poker and uploaded a number of pictures of the fun time. Shilpa has previously held several poker games for her celebrity friends and this time around, Warne was busy giving the two ‘tips’ on the game.

The duo ended up calling the ex-888poker ambassador their “Poker Guru”.

Warne ended the game thanking the duo for their hospitality!

Warne began playing poker in 2008, taught by close friend and pro Joe Hachem and his brother Toby. The cricketing legend is crazy about WSOP and has been attending it past seven years. He likens poker to cricket and says that there are many similarities between the two. “Each are long and grueling events that can be broken down into many smaller contests. In cricket, I’m focusing ball-by-ball, over-by-over, session-by-session, one batsman at a time. In poker, you can only play one hand at a time, one opponent at a time. If you can win more than your fair share of the smaller contests, over time, they will add up to success in both endeavors. Patience is the key,” says Warne.


Black Friday Accused, Ray Bitar Has Arabian Nights Wedding!

Black Friday devastated many and one among the accused was Ray Bitar, former CEO of Full Tilt Poker, who was found guilty of violating the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act.

The man was all ready to go to prison in April 2011, when his lawyers declared he had a ‘life threatening condition” and that he would not last more than a few years and that he was “penniless”!

The Judge believed it and let off Bitar saying, that the Federal Bureau of Prisons would not be able to provide Bitar the care he needed, nor the facility of a heart transplant, which would surely kill him!

The possibility of prison would make Mr. Bitar ineligible for a heart transplant, which would also impose a death sentence.”

The “penniless” Bitar was also fined $40 million by the Court!

Bitar not only seems to have recovered miraculously from his “life threatening” illness, but as also regained his earlier wealth, as can be seen from his Oct, 2015 Arabian Nights styled wedding to one Jackie Lucas. Images of Bitar’s wedding with Lucas were released on the internet recently, with the ceremony taking place at St. Sophia’s church in Hollywood.

According to ace wedding photographer, the reception was one of the most opulent ones held at the elite Taglyan Complex in L.A.

The photographer posted that she had been hired for a million dollar event and described the church was as fabulous as a museum.

The alter was all gold and had just enough room to fit all of Jackie’s 13 bridesmaids and Omar’s 13 groomsmen in front of it. By far the biggest wedding party I have ever photographed.”

Lucas was brought into the venue on a golden float carried by four men. Traditional Lebanese and Syrian music and belly dancers filled the hall, as Bitar came from that region.

The photos display luxurious settings, with exclusive accessories like, jeweled cufflinks, bouquets of red roses, costumed performers and a fantastic fog filled floor, with Bitar waltzing Lucas.

It has of course not been revealed if Bitar did get that heart transplant!


Donate For Chimp To Play At WSOP & Enjoy Poo Throws

That the WSOP draws all types is well documented, but now a noted scientist has taken to a crowd-funding, site – Chipin for $10,000, to get his laboratory chimp play at the mammoth series!

Dr. James Khan is an advocate for primate rights with advanced degrees, as compared to ‘ordinary’ scientists, who have standard degrees. Khan is a regular contributor for the popular TV series “Chimps, Chumps, and Champs,” where he demonstrates how the skills of primates compare to those of idiots and intellectuals.

Khan believes his ape, Cuddles has what it takes to play the WSOP! The primate has displayed an ability to count and add up small numbers. Khan has claimed that the chimp is in the top 10 percentage of poker students, with a mastery over number orders and skill to strategize complex placements.

Cuddles fundraising page features incentives for donors, who will get an 8” x 10” image of the chimp, signed with zoo poo! They will also get a chance to watch Cuddles count and strategize, while sitting in his cage and have the privilege of him throwing the poo at them!

Wow! That really makes our heads reel! Time to go and rest our minds, before we go “ape” over all the hullaballoo! But, you can bet, we will be back soon with more gossip from poker land.

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