Gossip Column: Rast Defends Bilzerian Even As The Instagram Star & Perkins Gear Up For Bigger Prop Bet, Vibrating Sex Toy Evacuates German Casino & More

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  • PG News April 11, 2016
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Trust Bilzerian to create a racket even after winning a prop-bet! The porn-loving playboy alone keeps our Gossip Column alive! In this edition, we have tales of Brian Rast springing to defend Bilzerian, even as he and Bill Perkins gear up for a deadlier prop-bet.

We then have a vibrating story of a sex-toy creating a ruckus in a German Casino. Following up we have two tales about how poker trips up sports stars, be it Badminton players or pro footballers!

Catch it all for yourself, while you laze in a cool room, propped by a stiff drink to fortify yourself!


Brian Rast Comes To Bilzerian’s Defense, Even as He & Perkins Mull Follow-Up Prop-Bet

The great bike-ride prop-bet between Dan Bilzerian and Bill Perkins is finally over, with the latter handing over the $600,000 promised. However, several side-bets made are in serious argument over whether Bilzerian ‘cheated’ by ‘using’ a motorized vehicle or not. Brian Rast has now come forward to clarify the bet conditions and defend Bizerian.

Meanwhile, Perkins and Bilzerian are already mulling a counter action, with an even more daring “Double-or-Nothing” bets in the coming days!

L-Bill Berkins, R-Dan Bilzerian
L-Bill Berkins, R-Dan Bilzerian

Rast Speaks Out

Brian Rast, who played arbitrator in the bet has now come out strongly in favor of Bilzerian and written a long post on his Facebook wall, which gives all the details and minute terms and conditions of the bet.

Rast begins by openly admitting that he stands to defend Bilzerian,

“Dan Bilzerian recently biked from Vegas to LA because of a bet he made with Bill Perkins. There is a lot of discussion going on about whether or not Dan won the bet fairly, or if Dan cheated. This is going to be a defense of Dan Bilzerian having rightly won the bet within the established rules of said bet. I feel I am a good authority on the matter for a couple reasons. Less than a week after the bet was made, both parties agreed on me to arbitrate a matter for them, so I knew about the specifics of the bet. About a week after, I started betting on the situation myself, and in the process of betting, I learned even more about the situation by talking to both Dan and Bill extensively. Because I bet on Dan’s side, I am not claiming that I am impartial at the present moment insofar as my financial interest. That aside, I think after hearing the evidence, there is only one clear conclusion. I want to state now that Bill paid Dan in full, yet there are many sidebets unresolved.

The general public may think that Dan won this bet by angle-shooting. That’s simply not true, and I’m going to lay out the case supporting Dan’s clear victory in this bet.

First let’s clarify what exactly the rules of the bet were, since that seems to be a big issue. There is a now popular post on the internet you can find linked on Bill Perkin’s twitter page which states 3 rules:

1) Dan must start his journey by 11:59PM on March 31st or fork over the 600k.
2) Dan cannot use any assistance from any motorized vehicle or device.
3) Dan’s bike challenge must be completed in 48 hours. No exceptions. No excuses.
URL here:

This rule list has been used by some to claim that Dan lost the bet by breaking Rule #2.

This list was not official, PERIOD. Every single rule on the list is very easily demonstrably incorrect.”

Rast then lays out the true terms and says,

“Allow me to enlighten you and them.

I got a list of the stipulations on March 23rd sent to me by Bill Perkins, because I asked him. That’s a pretty reasonable thing to do when you’re betting large sums of money and clarifying the bets. These are the EXACT stipulations Bill sent me for his original 600k bet with Dan:

1) Death a wash.
2) He can’t purposefully get arrested but if arrested wash.
3) He gets stopped by cops a pause in clock. He can’t game or disobey & get stopped again or arested again.
4) If injured before starting and no attempt, he loses 100k.
5) Once he starts he has 48 hours to complete or loses.
6) He must use his own muscle power by bike to make it.
7) He can walk if needed in spots with bike.

The one that is pertinent to the main objection being raised right now by many is #6, “He must use his own muscle power by bike to make it.” Notice the wording of this. When the bet first started out, over 5 weeks ago, they used me to arbitrate a decision that both parties seemed to be fine with the result. At the time I had no action on the bet and was impartial.

On that call, Bill specifically said, “I don’t care if you use a tricycle, as long as you pedal it’s fine.” The idea was that Dan was not allowed to have any motorized assistance to his bicycle, but he obviously had motorized assistance in the form of support cars. That’s why you see in the wording of #6, which Bill himself sent me, that he has to use muscle power by bike. Dan did that.”

Coming out about the vehicle drafting, Rast adds,

“The following 3 statements are true. 1) Dan was allowed to draft. 2) Dan wass allowed a support car in front and in back. 3) There were no distance restrictions or qualifications on these support cars.

If you take all of those 3 statements together, than clearly vehicle drafting did not violate the rules of the bet. Practically though, he couldn’t be close to the rear support car, as if he fell the car would run him over. There was NO distance stipulation on the front support car, which would have been necessary to prevent drafting. Having the front vehicle too far in front would create turbulence and cross-winds, making it worse than having no vehicle at all.”

Specifying ‘vehicle drafting’ Raft states,

“Dan also practiced vehicle drafting with Lance Armstrong, and even discussed drafting prior to the bet in published interviews. Bill even asked Dan if he planned on vehicle drafting. Why would you ask if someone planned on doing something illegal?

The facts in this case all lead to the obvious conclusion that Dan was allowed to draft, including vehicle drafting, and none of this broke the rules of the bet regarding #6, that Dan needed to use his own muscle power, in other words, that the bike could not receive any motorized assistance.

So, this whole controversy is based on a false telling of the rules of the bet, and is being used to grossly manipulate the public to think Dan cheated when he in fact did not.”

Yes, Bill accepted and paid in FULL, says Rast,

“Despite Dan not breaking any rules, Bill was consistently pressured over the phone and eventually talked with Dan about this around the 190 mile mark. At this point, Dan and Bill met and discussed how to proceed from here. Dan relinquished the support car in front completely, which was something he was allowed under the terms of the bet. Dan did the last 100+ miles with NO problem, and finished incredibly quickly.

How quickly? Well, Bill stated at that meeting that he felt like Dan had to finish the course by 10AM Thursday morning the 31st. That would have been LESS than 48 hours, as Dan started at 4PM on Tuesday the 29th, so that would only be 42 hours. Bill also stated that if he finished by 8AM (40 hours total) than he would, “FOR SURE PAY” with “NO QUESTIONS ASKED.” Dan smashed this artificial limit imposed by Bill by 8 hours as he finished at 11:58PM, which means Dan completed the distance in 32 hours only. So, by Bill’s own admission, he lost the bet. Bill paid Dan in full.”

Rast goes on to say that Perkins himself admitted Bilzerian would have won even without the drafting,

“Bill himself said in an article written by Michael Kaplan for the NY Post, “But you need to look at the totality and spirit of the bet. His drafting might have saved him 5000 calories, but he had 14 hours in which to finish the bet. I did a back-of-the-envelope calculation and realized that he would have won even without the drafting.” There you have it. In the words of Perkins himself, Dan would have won without the drafting.

So in addition to not breaking the rules, it’s pretty clear the drafting didn’t even matter. Bill admits the drafting didn’t matter.”

Rast then says that other side bets should follow the above rules,

“Now I’d like to establish the following: That any sidebets made on Dan and Bill’s bet will naturally have the same conditions unless otherwise specified by the betting parties. This is a crucial point! If I make a bet with “Steve” that’s based on Bill’s bet with Dan, the conditions will naturally mirror the original bet unless Steve and I specify different conditions beforehand”.

Any side bet which didn’t specify about drafting or the support vehicles must naturally follow Bill and Dan’s terms with regards to the rules and stipulations of the bet. Thus, even if anyone who bet on Bill’s side doesn’t like what Bill allowed Dan to do, and wouldn’t of let Dan do those things if they were in Bill’s place, they have to live with the terms of the bet as they accepted implicitly when they wagered on their bet without clarification on these conditions.”

Phew! Talk about a loyal friend for Bilzerian!


Fresh ‘Double-Or-Nothing’ Bets Between Perkins & Bilzerian

Well, Rast will certainly have his hands full in the coming days, as Bilzerian is not sitting idle and neither is Perkins.

The duo are already in deep discussions for another even more daring bet. And, since it was Bilzerian’s turn to perform last time, the coming bet will see Perkins do a dare-devil stunt!

Among the many ideas thrown forth are rowing from England to New York City, walking coast-to-coast across America and climbing Mount Everest.

Perkins however, reacted sharply over the last suggestion and said, “Do I really want to lose a nose? I would be very upset if I lost my nose.”

“If we have a bet with a 1-in-20 chance of dying I wouldn’t like that.”

As for the walking coast-to-coast across America, Perkins said it was unviable because of the time factor, pointing out to the bike bet, which was only for 48 hours and that too, Bilzerian completed it in 33!

Perkins went on to reveal that the bike ride had been a dangerous one for Bilzerian, since at a point the chains came off, but he persisted nevertheless.

Bilzerian also faced health problems and had checked into a hospital, Perkins stated.

Three days before [the ride] he checked into the hospital with chest pain and arm pain,” Perkins said. “He didn’t tell anybody, but he checked in. I think he basically got lucky he didn’t get seriously hurt.”

The Instagram star is said to have hated the training he undertook for the bet and has lost 15 pounds due to it!

Well, we have to hand it to Bilzerain. Always manages to make a big deal of his crazy antics!

German Casino Bomb Fright Vibrates From Sex Toy

A fright of a different kind jolted a German Casino last Tuesday, when an employee cried out “Bomb”, after hearing vibrating noises in the men’s room. To the utter disbelief of the law enforcement authorities, the racket was being created by a Penis ring that was left vibrating!

The news reports stated that not just the casino, but adjoining shops and business establishments with a total of 90 people had been evacuated by the bomb scare, with even the road leading to the casino shut by the legal department.

Who put that the dick ring there? Or more pertinently, what was a sex toy doing in the casino area?

Currently the police have no answers, “Whoever deposited the object intentionally there isn’t yet known.”

The ensuing criminal investigation is sure to find out though and it should be a sight to see whoever did it, be caught!

This is the first such evacuation at a German casino, though in the past poker players and staff had been forced out of a Berlin hotel during the 2010 EPT, by four armed gunmen who had stormed the tournament registration area.


Japanese Badminton Team To Pay For Star’s Illegal Gambling Joust

Kento Momota, who stands fourth in global badminton rankings, has been banned from attending the Rio de Janeiro Olympics. A report by Reuters stated that the star badminton player and a few other team mates were caught gambling by the police during a raid at a casino.

Kento Momota
Kento Momota

The price will be a heavy blow for his team during the upcoming summer games. Japan has deemed casino gambling illegal, though efforts were made to change the law, nothing happened further.

The 2020 Olympics will be hosted in Tokyo and legislative efforts failed, in creating a new casino hub for the games.


Poker Before Matches Drains Footballers

Football stars love poker and the several names, Neymar Jr, Ronaldo and Christiano Ronaldo, who serve as brand ambassadors to top companies, like PokerStars and 888poker are testimony to the fact.

However, Graeme Law Ph.D. student of the University of Chester in England claims that poker actually causes sportspersons to muck up on the field.

Law interviewed 34 professional soccer players and found that players mostly played during road trips at hotels to pass the time. The players are constantly watched and have no other way to stave off the boredom. The subsequent losses caused them to play badly on the pitch.

Players gamble as a way of relieving the boredom on journeys to away games and after training on pre-season tours,” Law claimed.

Considering how much footballers love poker, the claim is equivalent to the saying that sex before a boxing match dulls the fighter!

Surprisingly however, many footballers have agreed to Law’s research and one of them even said, “I liked to bet on the bus, but it got worse when I could bet online.”

“I was able to do it all the time with no one knowing. I lost a lot. My wife found out after a year or so and she got me help and it’s under control now. It’s the culture to gamble in football and it can get dangerous when it grips you.”

Law’s interviewees were mostly professional footballers, who agreed that the game drained them mentally and no amount of physical prowess helped on the field, if the mental faculties were affected!

Well, poker being poker, it certainly needs all our mental focus. That’s what makes it the draw it is and we agree!

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