Gossip Column: Largest Poker Bad Beat Jackpot in US History Hit at Detroit Casino, Doug Polk Launches YouTube Channel on Cryptocurrency & More

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  • PG News January 19, 2018
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These past few days, as always have been about money; money being won, money being discussed, money being stolen and lastly, money being written about as we are back with our latest Gossip Column. We begin this edition by reporting about the largest poker bad beat jackpot in US history that finally hit at the MotorCity Casino in Detroit. Then we move over to Poker Pro Doug Polk who has launched a separate YouTube channel to give viewers insights on Crypto currencies. Next up, we report about a VIP dealer of Wynn Macau who stole $6.1 million worth of gaming chips but has not been taken into custody yet. Lastly, we have an unfortunate news of a woman’s death who died after a casino boat caught fire off Florida’s Gulf Coast.

Get all the dirt about these crazies in this edition of our gossip column and do remember to have a stiff drink handy, every time you shake your head in disbelief!


Largest Poker Bad Beat Jackpot In US History Hits In Detroit

The largest bad beat jackpot in U.S. history was cracked at the Motor City Casino in Detroit. There were six players who split a record of $1,068,590. As per MotorCity Casino’s website, in order to win a share of the jackpot, one must lose quads to higher quads, using both down cards.

In total, 40% went to the winner, 20% to the loser and the other 40% got split between the other players on the table.

Scott, the player with the losing hand (four-of-a-kind three’s) was beaten by Kenneth, who had quad queens. Scott won the biggest share of the jackpot at $427,452.52 and Kenneth won $213,712.76. The other four players at the table won $106,856.28 each.

Senior VP of Casino Operations at MotorCity, Phil Trofibio stated, “There are winners every day on the floor, but it’s not every day that a jackpot that big hits. Congratulations to all the players at the table.”

MotorCity’s bad beat jackpot set a new nationwide offline bad beat benchmark for other casinos.


Doug Polk Launches YouTube Channel on Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies and poker share many similarities. Few people know what they are really about, but if one masters either of those subjects, they can make some impressive bucks. Becoming a successful poker player and a successful Bitcoin investor requires a fairly similar set of skills and both fields attract fairly similar kinds of people. So, it’s a no-shocker that with each passing day both the worlds progressively converge.

If you are a Twitter regular you’ll surely see a flood of tweets from players either whining or being really happy depending on the rise and fall of the crypto market.

American poker pro and YouTuber Doug Polk, recently launched a new cryptocurrency channel on YouTube.

Polk, who earlier curated poker content for his ever-entertaining channel under the name DougPolkPoker is now also creating video content surrounding cryptocurrencies under DougPolkCrypto. His channel promises to cover the latest news and events in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, and various other projects in the crypto market. Though he is not a professional financial advisor, he already has over 100,000 YouTube subscribers.

Polk is aiming to protect consumers by giving them information on which streamers, content creators and cryptocurrencies to avoid. Backed by his research, he’s giving his personal opinion on potential scams that are out there in the crypto world.

Earlier, Polk even warned users about using the BitConnect platform. The company recently announced that it would be closing down after receiving regulator warnings!

Wynn Macau’s VIP Dealer Steals Chips Worth $6.1 Million

A casino dealer working in Wynn Macau allegedly stole nearly HKD 47.9m ($6.1 million) of the casino’s money on January 16. The resort’s police released a statement that said that the incident took place on Tuesday, with the accused stealing the huge amount of chips from the casino’s VIP club where he was working.

Speaking at a press conference on January 17, Judiciary Police spokesperson Eric Choi Ian Fai stated that a review of the casino’s video footage indicated that the suspect was neither armed nor did it appear that he had used any force during the theft. He further added that it was currently uncertain whether the dealer was working alone or as part of a group.

Following the incident, Macau’s Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau (DICJ) urged casino operators and their VIP gaming promoters to strengthen their security procedures, supervision and knowledge of staff to reduce future incidents of this type.


Woman Dies After Casino Boat Catches Fire Off Florida’s Gulf Coast

A woman has died after a shuttle boat carrying 50 people to a casino boat off Florida’s gulf coast caught fire on January 14’s afternoon, forcing passengers to jump overboard to escape the fast-moving flames.

The Sun Cruz shuttle boat began facing engine issues shortly after leaving Port Richey, and turned back to shore as it became engulfed in smoke and flames. The cause of the fire is under investigation.

At least 15 passengers were taken to Tampa-area hospitals for treatment along with a 42-year old unidentified woman and the latter, unfortunately is no more.

A hospital spokesperson said the woman had originally gone home following the incident but came to the hospital after getting ill but died within an hour of her arrival.

The shuttle boat makes several trips daily from the city of Port Richey to a casino boat about three and a half miles offshore, in international waters where gambling is legal.

Well, we are sure, you will not blame us, if we say; our nostrils, eyes and lips are sealed!!!

But, you do make sure to keep your eyes on the open, when we return with some more such crazy-doo, sometime soon…….

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