PGOL Season 4 Breaks all Records With Over 2,200 Entries and 65.55 Lakhs in Prizes, Griboshin V Collects 7.5 Lakhs For Topping Main Event and PGOL Leaderboard

PGOL Season 4
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The second edition of PokerGuru Online League (PGOL) Season 4 finally concluded yesterday on Spartan Poker. In all, a massive ₹65.55 lakhs was awarded in prizes across the five-day series. Of this amount, over ₹33 lakhs was awarded in the Main Event alone!

The PGOL Main Event became the largest-ever in India, with Griboshin “grib” Vellanthrov (cover image) outlasting the record 337 entry-field, collecting a total of ₹6.82 Lakhs, with ₹3.41 Lakhs in prize money and an equal amount of ₹3.41 Lakhs in Bonus! The win also propelled ‘grib’ to the top of the PGOL Leaderboard, with a huge margin, allowing him to claim another ₹75,000, taking his total earnings to ₹7.5 lakhs! Post the event; the winner thanked his heads-up opponent ‘FUNKYOUFTW’ for his game play.

Signs of the large entry-crowds were visible towards the weekend, when the ₹10K High Roller drew a massive total of 129 entries and topping them was Ankur “ankur” Dewani, who collected ₹3.30 Lakhs for winning the event!

The PGOL was also running another ₹1 Lakh leaderboard and “Invincibles1” took the top honors with the top 10 finishers, all netting ₹10,000 (bonus) each from the ₹1 Lakh kitty.


PGOL IV Series – Largest-Ever Online Main Event in India

The second edition of PGOL Season 4 was a stupendous success, awarding a huge ₹65.55 Lakhs in total prizes! The five-day series hosted four events each day, which saw overwhelming participation from the Indian poker community, crushing guarantees in all events!

An entry crowd of 252 unique entries and 85 re-entries lined up for the Main Event, leading to a prize pool of ₹16,85,000, making it the largest online Main Event ever in India!

The High Roller was another super event, drawing 129 total entries including 98 unique entries and 21 re-entries creating a prize pool of ₹13.21 Lakhs. Ankur “ankur” Dewani was the ultimate champion for ₹3.30 lakhs and was spurred by the win to try out other events. However, he managed to make a 16th place on the PGOL leaderboard.

Ankur Dewani
Ankur Dewani

Some key stats from the PGOL IV

  • Over 2,200 entries across 20 events
  • A whopping ₹65.55 Lakhs in Total Prizes Awarded!!


High Roller Stats

  • 98 unique entries
  • 31 Re-entries
  • ₹13,21,000 prizepool


Main Event Stats

  • 252 unique entries
  • 85 Re-entries
  • Total collected prizepool : ₹16,85,000
  • Matched Bonus prize pool : ₹16,85,000
  • Total prizepool: ₹33,70,000


PGOL IV Champion – Griboshin “Grib” Vellanthrov

Griboshin “Grib” Vellanthrov scored the biggest victory of the series by outlasting a massive 337-entry field in the ₹5,500 PGOL Main Event on Sunday and took home close to ₹7 Lakhs in prizes – ₹3.41 Lakhs in real cash and an equal amount in bonus money! The win also took him to the top of the PGOL leaderboard, where he made another ₹75,000!

Griboshin Vellanthrov (Pic Courtesy: IPC)
Griboshin Vellanthrov (Pic Courtesy: IPC)

In total over ₹33 Lakhs in prizes were given away in the Main Event alone.

We caught up with Griboshin post his Main Event win of Sunday and here, he shares his poker journey, the PGOL Main Event win and more for us…


Hi Grib! Congratulations on the stupendous victory, please tell us a little about yourself?

I am 38 years old, born and brought up in Bangalore and I now live in Mumbai. I am into Visual Effects, so have served some of the biggest visual effect companies in the country. So generally I do outsourced work for clients/companies across India like Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi.


When and how did the poker bug bit you?

I am playing poker since 2010, started mainly through Zynga. We used to play in office and slowly I found I registered and started playing there and started reaching many nl tables for small buy-in tournaments. During that time, the Indian live scene started with IPC in Goa so I played some IPC tourneys as well. Most of the times it used to be me having a healthy stack throughout the tournament and then by the bubble time I would get eliminated, so unfortunately never cashed. Then I stopped playing poker for sometime till the time the online poker sites started coming up in India. I started playing on Adda52 and cashed in some of the events but never won any of them. Then I started playing on Spartan and was continuously doing good in IOPC and PGOL events. Jan-Feb of this year I didn’t play because just got tired of playing too much poker. This series I planned on playing some of the events and before this event, fortunately I won one of the regular tournaments on Spartan. With that I thought of giving a shot at the main event from that, I didn’t plan on playing it before because of the recent bad runs in tournies, but luckily I also won the satellite to the Main Event. I guess the good run started from the satellite itself.


How did you start playing on

I think I googled online poker sites in India and found Spartan. The support of the website was better than any website I tried before so I stuck to it. I found it very comfortable as well as more professional.


What’s your playing schedule like?

There is no schedule as such, I will play poker whenever I get time. Mostly I play at night but if I am free in the day then I join some tournaments and play.


Where do you prefer playing – online or live and why?

I am mainly a tournament player and I like to play both live and online.


What are your thoughts on PGOL structure and tournaments at

It has all the different variations and best part is that it gets a lot of player field which most of other sites have been struggling with, I think on that front Spartan has done a great job with PokerGuru and IPC team. Also, I feel that even the players who play poker are better on Spartan than on other websites which I like.


With yesterday’s Main event win, you have won the PGOL leaderboard too with 2725.88 points and following you is Invincibles1 at 1555.17 points. How does that feel?

The feeling is awesome I mean it has yet not sunk. I definitely did not expect this. I had honestly given up on the leaderboard race. I think before this event I had merely 123 points. I think this was probably the only tournament in which I did not play for the leaderboard race. I did realize towards the end of final table that maybe there is a possibility that I come in top 10 but didn’t expect that I will win this for sure.


What are your views on the field sizes, guaranteed prizepools and leaderboard promotions of PGOL?

There is nothing much to say, it won’t be wrong to say that you have created the best online tournament series till today. The turnouts were amazing I mean 200 odd players on tables was very good.


Did you adopt any particular strategy for this series?

I have a very similar strategy for all the tournaments i.e. to play what my cards are. I believe you work your way up through the stages starting playing slow and then in middle stages try to accumulate chips and once I am in the money I start playing aggressively. This is something I learnt long back online and I usually adopt this strategy only.


Tell us about the final table at PGOL Main Event. What was the grind like?

I started with a good run, I don’t remember any hands but I think I got lucky with this one particular hand against a player where he had Aces and I had Kings. Money went inside preflop and I clipped a king on the board. That was the only time got lucky throughout. After that I had a super stack and I was dominating the final table throughout. I was playing within my range and that worked for me throughout. The only strategy was cleaning all the shorter stacks. So I kept on calling short stack shoves. I usually start grinding but this time I didn’t do that. FunkYouFTW and Sumanth were good players at the table with aggressive betting. FunkYouFTW was especially aggressive. Last hand I chased my flush draw and got it on the river against a pair of the other player.


What are your poker goals for the year?

I definitely want to play more on bigger tables or bigger buy-in events but there are no set plans or goals for this. I am quite busy with my startup so I just plan on playing poker at night as much. Apart from this there are no objectives as such.


What has been your biggest poker achievement?

I think in 2010 on PokerStars I won an event for USD 6k but in the recent times there haven`t been many cashes. Winning PGOL Main event is by far the biggest poker achievement for me.


Congrats once again “Grib” and a special thanks to all players who made PGOL such a resounding success!

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