Match Indian Poker League Team Haryana Hawks Signs PokerBaazi as Title Sponsor

Match Indian Poker League
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The one-of-a-kind poker league Match Indian Poker League (MIPL) promoted by Raj and Shilpa Shetty Kundra’s Viaan Industries Ltd. and Switzerland-based International Federation of Match Poker (IFMP), made a grand debut last year with local Team Mumbai All Stars winning Season 1 for ₹1.25 crores.

The League is now gearing up for Season 2 that will be held on March 31 in Kolkata and by the looks of it, the excitement is expected to escalate even further with more action and fanfare.

Season 2 will see 10 teams competing in a one-day grand finale with the winning team set to take home a ₹40 Lakhs cheque along with the chance to represent Team India at the Match Poker Asia Nations Cup to be held in Bangkok in April.

Another new development in Season 2 is the collaboration between the teams and renowned domestic online poker sites as Title Sponsors. Headlining the brand alliances at this edition is a new team – Haryana Hawks that has tied up with India’s most trusted poker site – PokerBaazi.

PokerBaazi’s founder and CEO Navkiran Singh spoke to PokerGuru and shared his excitement on the collaboration saying, “It’s a proud moment for PokerBaazi to associate with Match IPL – first of its kind in India. Team Haryana Hawks has some of the most talented Poker players from the country. I think MIPL is a great platform for poker players to showcase their skill at this spectacular mind-sport. We are really looking forward to this breakthrough concept. This will play an instrumental role in changing the mind-set of people about poker, especially in our country.”

Pulkit Totla, co-owner of Haryana Hawks was equally stoked and said, “Haryana Hawks would like to welcome on board as our title sponsor and shareholders. We, at Haryana Hawks, are really excited about this association and feel this association will change the face of the Poker Sports League business. With coming as our shareholders, we hope to use their experience and expertise in Poker business and their trusted brand to help us get maximum traction and brand value. We believe we have created the best synergies by this association and are looking forward to continuously use’s expertise in poker business to enhance our brand value and market visibility.”

PokerBaazi is offering a unique opportunity to all players to get selected as a team member of Haryana Hawks. PokerBaazi will host official online qualifiers between March 18 – 20 with the qualifier finale on March 21. The finale winner will get a chance to represent Haryana Hawks in Match IPL Season 2, while the top three finishers will receive free tickets to high value tournaments on PokerBaazi.


Haryana Hawks

A. Owners

Haryana Hawks is owned by some of the sharpest minds in the country with a diverse and rich experience that cuts across various industries. The owners include renowned poker players as well as experienced professionals from various fields and include Pulkit Totla (ex-investment banker, FMS Delhi alumni and poker enthusiast), Nitin Maheshwari (Founder – Director of Gajanan Group functioning in steel, real estate and logistics), Jitendra Agarwal (Practicing Chartered Accountant and CEO of Rajasthan’s best investment advisory company), Jagdeep Singh (IIM, Lucknow alumnus and professional poker player), Kalyan Chakravarthy (IIT Delhi alumnus and professional poker player), Navkiran Singh (co-founder and CEO of – also known as India’s most trusted poker website) and Pranjal Batra (IIT Bombay graduate and poker enthusiast).


B. Team Members

1. Jagdeep Singh (Captain): Widely regarded as one of the best high stakes PLO players in the country today, Delhi-lad Singh was part of Season 1`s winning team Mumbai All Stars and will be leading the charge for Haryana Hawks in Match IPL Season 2. The IIM-Indore graduate is also the co-owner of the team and has been playing poker professionally for over four years. Singh boasts of a ton of experience both live and online.

Jagdeep Singh
Jagdeep Singh

2. Kalyan Chakravarthy – Fresh off from winning the Adda52 Millions, Chakravarthy has been one of the most successful Indian poker players this year, having made waves both on the domestic as well as international circuit. In addition to being the co-owner of the team, Chakravarthy`s experience in both cash games and tournaments certainly makes him a valuable addition to the well-rounded team.

Kalyan Chakravarthy
Kalyan Chakravarthy

3. Pratibha Arya – The lone female poker player to represent Team India at the Match Poker Nations Cup 2017, another former Mumbai All Stars team member, Arya will represent Haryana Hawks this season. Arya was introduced to poker in 2015 and after pursuing Masters in Computer Sciences she now plays poker professionally. Along with a few live deep runs, her poker resume boasts of numerous final table finishes on various online poker websites.

Pratibha Arya
Pratibha Arya


4. Sabyasachi ‘saby’ Chakraborty – Having learnt the game while pursuing his masters in Manila, Chakraborty aka saby has been one of the more consistent online MTT players and boasts of numerous scores on PokerStars where he plays under the moniker ‘infusion_leo’.

Sabyasachi Chakraborty
Sabyasachi Chakraborty

5. Amit Varma – Varma is a successful writer and as a journalist he has written for publications such as the Wall Street Journal, the Guardian, the Observer and almost all the Indian newspapers. Varma was one of the first batch of PokerGuru pros, trained and mentored by Aditya ‘intervention’ Agarwal.

Amit Varma
Amit Varma


6. Prabhat Kiran Mukherjea – Mukherjea is a name associated with some of the biggest poker scores both online and live tournaments between 2011 and 2013. Mukherjea is a law professional turned poker pro, who is now a long-term trader. Mukherjea has stayed away from the poker tables these past few years but adds immense value to the Team given his experience.

Prabhat Mukherjea
Prabhat Mukherjea


7. Keshav Chadha – Delhi lad Chadha is one of the budding poker talents of the country and is a regular at domestic poker tournaments. Chadha boasts of numerous deep runs in major events held across the country.

Keshav Chadha
Keshav Chadha


Your Chance to Represent Haryana Hawks at MIPL Season 2

PokerBaazi will host official qualifiers starting March 18, with the finale to be hosted on March 20. The winner will be selected in the Haryana Hawks team and the top three finishers of the finale will be awarded with tournament tickets to high value events on PokerBaazi.

Below are the details of all the qualifiers –

Match IPL Qualifier1: This tournament will start at 8.30pm on March 18. Entry through deposit code ‘MIPL1’ with a deposit of ₹500.

Match IPL Qualifier2: This tournament will start at 8.30pm on March 19. Entry through deposit code ‘MIPL2’ with a deposit of ₹500.

Match IPL Qualifier3: This tournament will start at 8.30pm on March 20. Entry through deposit code ‘MIPL3’ with a deposit of ₹500.

Match IPL Qualifier Finale: This tournament will start at 8.30pm on March 21. Only the top 15 players from Qualifier 1, Qualifier 2 & Qualifier 3 will be eligible to play this tournament.

The Finale winner will be selected to play for Haryana Hawks and below are the additional tournament tickets to be won in the Qualifier Finale:

1st place: The Summit ₹10 Lakhs GTD on March 22, BSS ₹15 Lakhs GTD on March 25 and The Endeavour ₹15 Lakhs GTD on March 27.

2nd place: The Summit ₹10 Lakhs GTD on March 22 and The Endeavour ₹15 Lakhs GTD on March 27.

3rd place: Mini Endeavour ₹5 Lakhs GTD on March 26 and Mini Summit ₹5 Lakhs GTD on March 28.

Keep following all the updates from Match IPL Season 2 right here on PokerGuru!

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