Interview with the Tournament Director of Casino Royale: Craig Wildman

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  • PG News February 3, 2011
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Pokerguru: Craig, thank you for taking time to talk to us. For anyone who knows about poker in India, especially Goa they know the role you have played in popularizing tournaments here. How has the popularity and demand for tournaments increased over the last 6 months?

Craig:  The popularity for tournaments has increased significantly over the last six months, so much so, that new records for player entries are being set at every event. The demand to host poker tournament schedule has also grown due to the ever increasing popularity of this great game in India.

Pokerguru: What are the continuous changes being made to improve these tournaments?

Craig:  We are now holding all variations of tournaments which will cater to all poker players, including Freeze-outs, Re-buys, Bounty and Shoot-outs. Also importantly we hold tournaments to suit everyone's bankroll, which is an important part in introducing new players to learn the game. 
Feedback from players is also something we take very seriously in helping to improve our tournaments and structures to ensure everyone has a good time and feels they have had value for their money.

Pokerguru: What are things to look forward for the Aces unlimited series starting on Nov 18th?

Craig:  I'm really looking forward to the Bounty and Shoot-out tournaments, which are a part of the Aces Unlimited Series, this will be the first time,these type of tournaments are held at the Royale Card Room. It will be interesting to see how the players adjust especially with the Shoot-out tournament.

Pokerguru: What will be on offer besides the tournaments offered during Aces series in terms of cash games and satellites?

Craig: No Limit Hold'em & Pot Limit Omaha (high) cash games will be running throughout the Aces Unlimited Series, 24hrs a day, starting from  Rs.100 – 200  up to Rs.1000 – 2000. (Higher limit tables are available if required).   
Hyper turbo satellites will be available, to enable everyone to try and get into these great events at the fraction of the normal cost . We will also be running everyone's favourite  " 1 handed satellites" before the start of each tournament.

Pokerguru: The Casino Royale brand is experiencing strong growth and seems to be the place of choice of players to play in Goa. Do you see some Internationals events being held anytime soon in Casino Royale?

Craig :We are currently having discussions with one of the worlds largest poker organisations in hosting one of their events at Casino Royale. These really are exciting times for us at Casino Royale and for poker within India.

Pokerguru: For those that may make the trip to Casino Royale for the first time this year, is there any advice you would like to give them?

Craig :My advice would be to try and arrive early for the tournaments as all players have to be ferried to Casino Royale by feeder boats, also there will be plenty of cash game action going on day and night so there will be lots to do for all poker enthusiasts. Try and find a game suitable for your bankroll.
Everyone is made to feel at home at Casino Royale so should you have any queries don't hesitate to contact a member of staff. Finally, have fun and enjoy your experience of the Aces Unlimited Series at Casino Royale Goa. 

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