Interview with IPS Main Event Champion: Lawrence Sanjay

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  • PG News February 3, 2011
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Lawrence Sanjay has had a breakout year in tournament poker having made several deep finishes.His wins include the recently concluded IPS Chapter 4 main event and a WSOP Main event package in the Poker Dream Challenge.

Pokerguru: Congratulations on winning the IPS Chapter 4 Main Event soon after taking down the Poker Dream Challenge. How does it feel to get such tournament success and being one of the most prestigious poker tournament winners in such a short time?

Lawrence: I am extremely overwhelmed at my success since I have been playing poker as a hobby only for the past eight months.

PokerGuru: Tell us about your poker journey and how you got into the game?

Lawrence: I am a James Bond fan and in the movie Casino Royale, the poker table scenes got me hooked and a little bit of online poker practice got to know the basics of the game and I began playing live poker on the ship CASINO ROYALE.

Pokerguru: You have had remarkable success in tournament poker. Any particular poker strategy or preparation which has helped your game?

Lawrence: I admire people who are good poker players and talk to them about the various strategies that they follow. I got good advice from Aditya Agarwal, Rajesh Goyal, Amit Varma, Aditya Sushant, and Mihail Stoykov. These guys are excellent players and their advice means a lot to me.

Pokerguru: Do you play Poker back home and how is local poker scene back home?

Lawrence: I am from Coimbatore where the poker scene is absolutely nil. We are four to five friends who have a game once in 15 days or so and on holidays.

Pokerguru: How long have you been playing poker and any specific tools or mentoring which has helped you?

Lawrence: I have been playing Poker for the last 8 months. The only thing I would say that has helped me is the love for the game. I have a horrible memory when it comes to my activities of daily living. My wife always complaints about this carefree attitude but when it comes to the poker table I don`t know how I remember every single game. This shows that interest always works.

Pokerguru: What are your future poker plans and any tips or suggestions for aspiring poker players/enthusiasts?

Lawrence: I come to Casino Royale, Goa to play the tournaments. I would like to do well there. I am also planning to go the WSOP in Vegas. My suggestions for the aspiring players would be to have a good bank roll and have a cool head while playing poker. No tilt guys. Bye.

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