Gossip Column: Phil Galfond Has His Best Day Yet on Day 12 of the Galfond Challenge, Still Stuck Over €480K to ‘VeniVedi1993’

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  • Namita Ghosh February 7, 2020
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A third of the way into the first of most likely many such heads-up challenges, Phil Galfond (cover image) finally has a reason to celebrate. Playing €100-€200 PLO against ‘VeniVedi1993’ on Run It Once (RIO) Poker, the site`s founder had sunk himself into a deep hole with almost €570,000 in losses in the first 11 sessions that he played against the online legend.

Day 12 saw Galfond recovering €87,940.91 of his losses over 622 hands – his second winning day in the challenge and the most significant one by a considerable margin.

Watch the Day 12 action below.

As things stand now, Galfond is down €481,223.40 after playing 8,205 hands out of the 25,000 hands that the duo is to play. In addition to any potential losses at the end of the challenge, Galfond stands to lose an additional €200K to VeniVedi1993 as part of a side bet at 2:1 odds.


The Galfond Challenge is Phil Galfond`s most ambitious marketing move yet to get more visibility and traffic to his online poker start-up Run It Once Poker. The strategy is undoubtedly working as Galfond has himself admitted that the cash game traffic at the site has been at its 11-month peak since the challenge got underway. However, it has come at a cost.

For someone like Galfond who has dominated the high-stakes cash game circuit forever, such a long losing spree and that too so publicly (the sessions are being live-streamed on Twitch) has to take a toll. Galfond, however, has taken the drubbing he is getting at the hands of VeniVedi1993 like a hero.

Speaking to Stapleton after Day 10 on whether he was having fun playing the challenge, Galfond had admitted, “It’s fun at times. I really do enjoy playing. I love the game, but of course it’s tough consistency losing. I wouldn’t say I’m having fun, but I’m enjoying playing, I guess.”

Explaining his thoughts on the downswing, Galfond tweeted:

Given the swings, Galfond has surprisingly kept himself composed though his wife, Farah Galfond, sounds worried.

On February 3, Galfond jokingly tweeted that his wife was super worried about his continued losses and even came over to clean up his office.

Farah agreed that she was concerned. She reiterated it mildly the next day when she took to Twitter to share what she thought of the #GalfondChallenge.

Joe Stapleton also had things to say on Galfond’s losing streak.

On a positive note for Galfond, the cash-game traffic on Run It Once Poker has been moving upwards since the challenge started.

Galfond Challenge Results (to date):

DayHands PlayedDaily WinnerAmount Won
Day 1 (Jan. 22)655VeniVidi1993€72,572.68
Day 2 (Jan. 23)715Phil Galfond€2,615.26
Day 3 (Jan. 24)557VeniVidi1993€84,437.52
Day 4 (Jan. 25)581VeniVidi1993€17,544.87
Day 5 (Jan. 27)726VeniVidi1993€155,063.52
Day 6 (Jan. 28)703VeniVidi1993€13.31
Day 7 (Jan. 30)823VeniVidi1993€52,057.13
Day 8 (Jan. 31)940VeniVidi1993€60,743.37
Day 9 (Feb. 1)446VeniVidi1993€12,706.51
Day 10 (Feb. 3)696VeniVidi1993€100,993.30
Day 11 (Feb. 4)741VeniVidi1993€15,647.36
Day 12 (Feb. 6)622Phil Galfond€87,940,91

But like we said, there’s an upside to everything, and if this well-fought contest does manage to pull up the player traffic on RIO Poker, Galfond may come out of this ordeal a happy man!

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