Gossip Column: An Open Flip Between Doug Polk & Jeremy Kaufman Costs Casino $32,500 & 2 Employees Their Jobs, NFL Player Gets Arrested For Trying to Cheat Casino

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  • Namita Ghosh March 12, 2019
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It`s a well-known fact that poker players love to gamble! Which is why we’re not surprised when poker celebs ever so often come up with bizarre prop bets and end up playing games with eye-popping stakes. The rush, the thrills of laying it down the line is irresistible for many. But sometimes such gambled do go wrong, and it’s worse when you gamble, but your actions affect others adversely. Or so discovered Doug Polk and Jeremy Kaufman who met up during a recorded cash game in Pennsylvania and ended up gambling on a 10-card flip that got the venue and the dealers involved in trouble.

In another shocking video, NFL player Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones was seen being handcuffed by the police outside the Rising Star Casino in Indiana. Jones was suspected of cheating at a table game and confronted by the casino’s management. We have more spice on these stories, read on!


Doug Polk’s 10-Card Flip With Jeremy Kaufman Ends With 2 Casino Employees Losing Jobs, Casino Fined

It’s not uncommon for poker players to end up gambling as they catch up to play in tournaments. Be it prop bets made over parties, or on the spot cash games and flips, it all just adds to the fun part of living the high stakes poker lifestyle! Heck, we have been privy to the ‘Great Dane’ Gus Hansen`s recording and sharing his exhibits at the infamous Bobby’s Room in the Bellagio. But when a recorded game and that too an open flip gets someone else in trouble, it doesn’t sound too good, does it?

Doug Polk
Doug Polk

So in 2017, Shaun Deeb, Phil Hellmuth, and Doug Polk came together for a cash game session that was featured on the popular TV poker show, ‘Poker Night in America.’ Jeremy Kaufman who plays poker recreationally was also part of the group that attended the cash game. Kaufman and Polk got talking and the next thing you know, they agreed to play a $42,000 10-card stud flip.

The flip had all the thrills that gamblers look for. Kaufman and Polk rolled over one card at a time, trying to beat the other players’ board. At a point when Kaufman showed eights and fours against Polk’s aces up, Kaufman offered a buyout and Polk accepted Kaufman’s offer of $25,000. The deal done, the cards were tabled, and that is when Kaufman realised that he would have made a straight and won the hand. Deeb filmed the hand and Polk later uploaded it on his YouTube channel.

What Polk didn’t realize was that 10-card stud is illegal in the state of Pennsylvania. Apparently, the casino management didn’t think the game would go beyond the walls of the poker room and innocently accommodated the requests from both Polk and Kaufman.

News of the video reached the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board. The ordeal resulted in the dealer receiving a warning, and the supervisors of the casino resigning from their jobs.

Polk realized his folly and apologized. “I just thought it would be a fun thing to stream that people on my channel would like seeing,” Polk said. “Especially coming from Las Vegas where flips are completely acceptable, I didn’t really think that it could cause any issues. Once again, I apologize that my actions caused harm to others, even if it was inadvertently.”

But it was too late. It may be a lesson for players like Polk but for others affected, it was a life-changing incident. The two former casino employees are reportedly not employed anywhere in the state’s gaming sector. To make matters worse, the casino was fined a hefty $32,500 for allowing the illegal game to be dealt on their premises.

Watch the recorded bytes of the 10-card flip here.


NFL Players Gets Arrested For Cheating Casino

Early last week, TMZ Sports came out with a video that showed NFL player Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones in a tough spot. Jones, who was playing at the Rising Star Casino in Indiana, was confronted by the casino’s management for cheating. Jones was allegedly quietly adding chips to his stack after he realized that he was losing. An argument ensued, and all hell broke loose for Jones who saw police being called in.

Adam Jones
Adam Jones

The management said that Jones was drunk and badly misbehaved with them. The video shows Jones being arrested and booked for disorderly conduct, intimidation, public intoxication, and resisting arrest. Jones can be seen hurling abuses and shouting with his hands cuffed.

Evidently, Jones wasn’t alone there, his wife was also present at the casino, and she doesn’t agree to these charges, having shot a video as well, that shows Jones very much in control and in his senses.

Jones’ agent Peter Schaffer later said, “Adam was very controlled. We think authorities overreacted. They love the attention … Adam showed great restraint.” The NFL player is planning to refute all the eight charges against him in court.

Watch the video Jones showing Jones being arrested here:

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