Dan Bilzerian Wins Prop Bet Against Bill Perkins! Did He Cheat?

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  • PG News April 1, 2016
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Social media was abuzz all of yesterday with news of Dan Bilzerian winning his prop-bet against Bill Perkins, by having made the 300-mile bike ride between Los Angeles to Las Vegas inside 48 hours.

However, later reports trickled in stating that Bilzerian had ‘cheated’ by drafting behind the camera van to make the ride in time. The van was later said to have been removed.

Perkins who had bet that he would pay $600,000 if Bilzerian made the ride disappointedly tweeted early Thursday morning that the Instagram star was close to the finish line.

Bilzerian took off at 3:30 p.m. PST on Mar. 29 from Las Vegas, escorted by the police and is said to have covered the long Mojave Desert terrain in time, before the deadline of 11:59 p.m. PST on Thursday, Mar. 31. He reached Los Angeles amidst loud cheers and angry motorists on the streets.

Bilzerian will net not only the bet-money from Perkins, but also another side bet with Rick Salomon for $250,000. Salomon had bet that Bilzerian would not make the ride alive or without brain damage, had he won he was to get the poker playboy’s G4 Jet.

Several from poker community took to the media congratulating Bilzerian, while Perkins said that he was already considering another prop bet with Bilzerian.

Brian Rast and Phil Lak tweeted,

Amidst the congratulations, cries rose about Bilzerian having cheated and Perkins later posted,

35-year old Bilzerian was not supposed to use any mechanical vehicle, this was loudly protested by Salomon and the matter now remains in Perkins’ court, whether he considers the bet fulfilled or not.

Knowing Bilzerian though, he will milk the opportunity for all the publicity he can by insisting that the point was not mentioned while making the bet!

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