Casinos Have Made Goa Sin City of India, Says Goa Congress President

Goa Congress President
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  • PG News April 11, 2016
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Taking cue from Girish Chodankar, Secretary, Goa Congress party, Luizinho Faleiro (cover image) Congress President came out today, criticizing the BJP party and stating that casinos have made Goa the “Sin City” of India!

The mudslinging continued two days after Chodankar had denounced the ruling party and casino operators for corrupt practices, besides even accepting that it was his own party that had brought in the casinos in the first place.

Continuing on Chodankar’s criticism of the party, Faliero admitted that the Congress had made a mistake by granting casino licenses during 2007-2012.

According to an article in the Financial Express, Faleiro was talking to the press at a social function, when he claimed that the BJP had gone back on its election promises and betrayed the people of Goa.

This is the Goa which we want to tourists to come to? Goa has become a sin city of India with its casino industry. Prostitution is also rampant in the state,” Faliero questioned.

The BJP government had come to power in 2012, with an election manifesto, promising to eradicate the casino culture among many other issues. However, after coming to power the government did a u-turn stating that the casino industry contributed greatly to the state’s revenues.

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