Calling Station’s 1st Anniversary Special Gravity VIP Race Starts May 17

Gravity Series
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  • Namita Ghosh May 16, 2019
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Fast-growing online poker site Calling Station turned ONE on May 3 and commemorating the completion of one year of operations, the site has announced a mega-month of promotions replete with attractive giveaways.

Getting the celebrations started on May 8 was the ₹3 Lakhs freeroll aka ‘Money Spinner’ amidst much fanfare that resulted in a server crash. With the field size capped at 1,000 entries, the overwhelming response to the freeroll caused a server failure that disrupted the tournament leaving more than a few players disgruntled. The Calling Station management, however, was quick to act, and the issue was resolved with Shivam Shukla eventually winning the freeroll for ₹72,000.

Clarifying the site`s stand on the technical glitch, Calling Station co-founder Kevin Johnson said, “I would like to thank everyone for participating in the 3L GTD freeroll. We were not anticipating such a response of 1000 participants due to which there was server overload and players were not able to login. We are working on making our platform more robust so that such technical glitches do not disrupt gameplay.” Calling Station will next be playing host to a lucratively structured VIP Race, aka Gravity VIP Race that will run from May 17 to June 5. With ₹90 Lakhs to be won in just 20 days, the VIP race beckons online players to bring out the ninja in them.

Also part of the mega-month is the Mini-Tournament Series ₹20 Lakhs GTD that kicked off on Thursday and will run till May 12.


Gravity VIP Race

With five separate, stake-wise tiers, the Gravity VIP Race is an excellent, high-value promotion for all players from the beginners to the high stakes pros. The Daily Leaderboard features daily cash prizes totaling ₹1 Lakh and catering to players across a range of stakes, as low as ₹0.5/₹1 blinds to as high as ₹250/₹500 blinds. Making the promotion even more lucrative is the fact that the daily Leaderboard prizes can be withdrawn instantly with no hidden criteria.

The Leaderboard tiers are – The Deal Hand Race, Maverick Hand Race, Rounders VIP Race, The Grand VIP Race, and Molly’s Game Race.

Based on the Leaderboard points accumulated by players on the cash game tables, there are exclusive prizes lined up for the top eight finishers on each Leaderboard, in addition to unlimited gadgets.

The Deal Hand Race is the lowest tier in the Leaderboard and applicable for stakes ₹0.5/₹1 – ₹1/₹2 blind. It has a prize pool of ₹1,500.

Maverick Hand Race is open for stakes ranging from ₹2/₹4 to ₹3/₹6 blinds and promises a prize pool of ₹3,500.

Rounders VIP Race is for stakes ₹5/₹10 to ₹10/₹20 blinds and promises a prize pool of ₹15,000.

The Grand VIP Race has stakes ₹25/₹50 to ₹50/₹100 blinds, and a prize pool of ₹30,000.

Molly’s Game Race is the highest tier in the Gravity Race series Leaderboard, Molly’s Game race is for stakes ₹100/₹200 and above, and has a ₹50,000 prize pool.

VIP RaceStakes Prize Pool
The Deal Hand Race ₹0.5/₹1 – ₹1/₹2₹1,500
Maverick Hand Race2/₹4 – ₹3/₹6₹3,500
Rounders VIP Race ₹5/₹10 – ₹10/₹20₹15,000
The Grand VIP Race ₹25/₹50 – ₹50/₹100 ₹30,000
Molly’s Game Race ₹100/₹200 & Above₹50,000


Leaderboard Prizes

Calling Station has certainly upped the ante by doling out high-end prizes to the top finishers of the Leaderboard. The Leaderboard topper will take home a Honda Civic car, and there’s a Skoda Rapid car to be won by the second place finisher.

Likewise, players can also win prizes like a Baleno car, a Yamaha YRF R3, a RE Interceptor or a Honda CBR 250R! There are also unlimited MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iPhones, iPad Air, iWatch and other gadgets up for grabs!

Calling Station Gravity Series

For more details, check out the Calling Station website.

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