APT Korea 2017: Series Concludes With Iori Yogo Taking Player of the Series Title; Okamoto, Chen, Ogawa, Iwakura, Cho & Kazumori Win Titles

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After nine thrilling days at Paradise City, the inaugural APT Korea Incheon 2017 is now in the books. The series attracted a total of 1,212 entries with players from 22 different countries in attendance.

The overall prize pool for the series amounted to a whopping ₩620,570,000 with the headline event of the series taken down by USA’s Albert Paik. The five-day long main event registered 185 entries and Paik seized the APT championship trophy, the exclusive APT Championship Ring, and the largest single payout of the series i.e. ₩44,860,000 first prize.

The reigning APT Player of the Year champion, Iori Yogo, added another achievement as he topped the APT Player of the Series charts once again. He was awarded the APT POS 1st place trophy, the customized APT POS ring, an exclusive Meister watch, and he added more qualifying points towards the Game of Champions. Yogo also climbed up six notches jumping from 10th to 4th rank in the 2017 APT Player of the Year race.

                                                    Iori Yogo

Japan’s Tetsuya Tsuchikawa didn’t run deep in as many events as he did in the previous APT festivals but he did bring home a trophy in the High Rollers 1 event. Due to this score, he earned more points to maintain his lead on the 2017 APT POY leaderboard. He now has five titles and 13 total ITM finishes. Yoichi Uesugi remains in second rank and Hung Sheng Lin is third.

Tetsuya Tsuchikawa

                                            Tetsuya Tsuchikawa

The series concluded after crowning its last side event champions namely Masakazu Okamoto, Jenyen Chen, Norihiko Ogawa, Hajime Iwakura, Shingo Cho and Nakata Kazumori.


Monster Stack event

The two-day Monster Stack event attracted a total of 103 entries to take the prize pool to ₩59,950,000 with the top 18 places getting paid. Japan’s Masakazu Okamoto overcame a huge deficit in the heads-up battle against Andrew An to win the Monster Stack event pocketing ₩15,300,000 in prize money.

A few notables to make it in the money included Sam Nee Aik Chuan (5th place), Paphawin Laodee (9th place), Hisashi Ogi (14th place), Noda Hiroyuki (15th place) and Jeremy Alan Graves (18th place).

When the field was down to three-handed, Mitsumori Nobuaki got eliminated by the massive stacked Andrew An to set up the very lopsided heads up round with An backed by a 3:1 chip advantage over the eventual champion Okamoto.

However, Okamoto won a few opening hands to take over the chip lead and from there, the lead was exchanged several times until Okamoto won a roaring double up with 8x-8x against Ax-9x. Okamoto ended it all in the very next hand with his Kx-Jx hitting a straight against An’s 9x-8x on the board Ax-8x-Qx-9x-10x.

                                              Masakazu Okamoto

No Limit Hold’em 3

The No Limit Hold’em 3 event attracted a total of 40 runners taking the prize pool to ₩19,400,000 with the top five players making the money. Outlasting them all was Jenyen Chen who collected the ₩7,760,000 first place purse and the APT event trophy.

The event’s bubble round lasted long and the unfortunate one to miss out was Tyler Tan.

Ishihara Masanori was the first to cash in the event followed by Koichi Muto who exited the event in fourth place.

The eventual champion Chen then eliminated Loo Junzhong in third place when he hit a one card flush with against  on the board.

The heads up round began with Choong Kian Weng backed by his massive stack. Chen cut the gap and finally scored a huge double up to take the lead. Weng managed to bounce back a little, but eventually Chen sealed the deal. The final hand of the event saw Chen’s up against Weng’s and the community cards spread out .

Jenyen Chen

                                                Jenyen Chen

Deep Stack Turbo 2

One of the fast-paced games of the festival ended quite early and besting the 76-entry field was Norihiko Ogawa who lifted the trophy of the Deep Stack Turbo 2 event. The event paid the top 10 finishers who shared the ₩11,060,000 prize pool.

At three-handed play, the players agreed on a deal with everyone assured ₩2,000,000 each and the champion taking home the additional ₩170,000 and the trophy. When the game resumed, a three-way showdown ensued with Ogawa holding 10x-10x, Kenichi Takarabe with Ax-9x, and Hiroaki Iwa’ Qx-4x. The board provided two pairs to Ogawa and he eliminated Iwa in third place. Takarabe was crippled after the hand and was eliminated just two hands later, crowning Ogawa the champion.


                                              Norihiko Ogawa

High Rollers 2

The High Rollers 2 event had the highest buy-in offered at the festival with 23 players ponying up the ₩2,150,000 entry fee to take the prize pool upwards of ₩44,620,000 ($39,000 approx.). Outlasting them all was Japan’s Hajime Iwakura who defeated Tamaya Naohito in the heads-up battle and walked away with ₩19,180,000.

On the final day of the event, the eight survivors returned to battle it out till a champion was crowned. The bubble time took some time as a deal was struck to award the fifth place some prize money which was eventually claimed by Masashi Shibata.

Gerard Bringley and Noda Hiroyuki then fell in quick succession and the heads-up battle started between Iwakura and Naohito.

Though the eventual champion was behind in chips, he won the first five hands to take the lead. Two hands later, it was all over with Iwakura taking it down. The final hand saw Iwakura open to 25,000 and Naohito called. On the flop, Naohito moved all in holding and Iwakura quickly called tabling . The turn was no help to Iwakura but he hit the flush on the riverto take down the title.

Hajime Iwakura

                                                   Hajime Iwakura

Final Table Results (KRW)

1. Hajime Iwakura – ₩19,180,000*

2. Tamaya Naohito – ₩11,050,000*

3. Noda Hiroyuki – ₩6,690,000*

4. Gerard Bringley – ₩5,100,000*

5. Masashi Shibata – ₩2,600,000*

*denotes five-way deal


6 Handed Event

The only shorthanded event of the series i.e. 6 Handed Turbo w/ Antes event drew 46 runners to create the ₩13,390,000 prize pool. Besting them all was Japan’s Shingo Cho who defeated Kenji Kurashina in the heads-up battle, which was nothing short of a roller coaster ride.

Eric Ahn busted on the bubble and the money quickly flowed with two players collecting. Okuda Nobuyuki and Reo Hayano became the first two players who fell in the money.

Out in third was French woman Danielle Marie Josset that set up the heads-up battle with Cho starting the play with a bigger stack. The final hand of the event saw Kurashina moving all in with and Cho made the easy call holding to take down the title.

Shingo Cho

                                                     Shingo Cho

Final Table Results (KRW)

1. Shingo Cho – ₩5,350,000

2. Kenji Kurashina – ₩3,350,000

3. Danielle Marie Josset – ₩2,010,000

4. Reo Hayano – ₩1,470,000

5. Okuda Nobuyuki – ₩1,210,000


Deep Stack Hyper Turbo

The last event of the series was the Deep Stack Hyper Turbo that attracted a total 39 players. Japan’s Nakata Kazumori cruised is way to victory after dominating the heads up round against Ueda Hirashi.  

Andrew An was the first elimination in the money and was soon joined by Singapore’s Tyler Tan who exited the event in fourth place.

Yuri Ishida took the third spot to set up the final affair between Hirashi and the eventual champion Kazumori.

The last hand of the event saw Hirashi moving all-in holding and got the call from Kazumori who tabled . The board completed a straight for Kazumori who won the title.

Nakata Kajumori

                                               Nakata Kajumori

Final Table Results (KRW)

1. Nakata Kazumori – ₩2,270,000

2. Ueda Hirashi – ₩1,420,000

3. Yuri Ishida – ₩850,000

4. Tyler Tan – ₩620,000

5. Andrew An – ₩520,000

APT will now head back to Manila for the APT Philippines 2017 II that is slated to run between September 13-21.

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