APT Kickoff Vietnam 2018: Adinho888 Wins Main Event & APT Player of The Series Title; Ichinose, Chi Nguyen, Huynh, Koh, Tech, Shell & Anh Nguyen Win Side Events

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APT Kickoff Vietnam 2018 closed out a smashing series on January 28 with it`s headline Main Event crowning a champion. The last man standing was Adinho888 who pocketed VND 1,313,920,000 (~$57,681) for his finish along with his first-ever APT championship title, APT Championship Trophy, and the APT Championship Ring. To top it off, with this win, Adinho888 earned himself more than enough points to win the APT Player of the Series title.

While the players were navigating their way to reach the final table in the Main event, the final side event winners of the series also played down to their respective champions.

Japan’s pro Kosei Ichinose shipped the NLH Two-day event for 344,820,000 (~$15,137), Vietnam’s Cong Chi Nguyen took down the Super Deep Stack Turbo 1 for VND 82,620,000 (~$3,627), Vin Huynh took down the Pro Poker Club High Rollers for VND 701,970,000 (~$30,816), Singapore’s Norbert Koh shipped Monster Stack event for VND 170,018,000 (~$7,463), Philippines’s John Tech took down the Super Deep Stack Turbo 2 pocketing VND 93,150,000 (~$4,089), USA’s Michael Shell won the 6 Handed Turbo w/Antes banking VND 80,480,000 (~$3,533) and finally local player Anh Nguyen won the Deep Stack Hyper Turbo for VND 59,590,000 (~$2,616).


Main Event

The Main Event resumed on day four with the final 27 players from a starting field of 664 entries. Among the early dropouts were the last two APT Main Event title holders, Harry Duong and SooJo Kim. After nearly nine hours of grueling action, the final eight were declared.


Final Table Chip Counts

1. Long Lam Kim – 5,375,000

2. Le Hong Nghia – 2,160,000

3. Adinho888 – 6,530,000

4. Dmitrii Ilin – 3,485,000

5. Vu Minh Tri – 2,230,000

6. Macaron Tran – 5,100,000

7. Nguyen Hoang Anh – 5,650,000

8. Flo Campomanes – 3,460,000


Final Table Recap

Eliminations started off with Flo Campomanes who exited the table in eighth place.

Nguyen Hoang Anh then managed totake the lead soon after he forced Dmitrii Ilin (7th place) and Vu Minh Tri (6th place) to hit the rail in quick succession.  

Post Tri’s elimination, the eventual champion Adinho single handedly eliminated the rest of the players. His first target was Macaron Tan, who shoved with a pocket pair of deuces and was called by Adinho’s pocket queens, an ace high board sealed the hand for Adinho forcing Tan to exit in fifth place.

Following Tan was Lam Kim Long whose queen-tencould not hold up against Adinho’s ace-queen on a king high board.

Adinho next axed Nguyen in third place, Nguyen’s couldn’t beat Adinho’s on the board .

Heads-up, Adinho started with 20 million in chips while Le Hong Nghia had 13 million and in just seven hands of play, the final hand arrived. Nghia shoved with and Adinho called holding . The board ran and Nghia was left drawing dead on the turn while Adinho picked up the APT championship title and the Player of The Series Award.



Final Table Results (Vietnamese Dong)

1. Adinho888 – VND 1,313,920,000

2. Le Hong Nghia – VND 875,300,000

3. Nguyen Hoang Anh – VND 608,720,000

4. Lam Kim Long -VND 437,650,000

5. Macaron Tan- VND 328,480,000

6. Vu Minh Tri – VND 256,990,000

7. Dmitrii Ilin – VND 208,680,000

8. Flo Campomanes – VND 176,800,000


NLH Two-day

The event witnessed 168 entries in total, with each entry ponying up VND 11,000,000, the prize pool swelled to VND 1,629,600,000. At the end of game’s play it was Kosei Ichinose who took down the event for 344,820,000.


Final Table Recap

The first players to get busted out of the final table were Pham Ngoc Quoc Bao (10th place), Erik Billgren (9th place), Bui Dinh Nam (8th place), and Pham Ouang Huy (7th place).

It was then the eventual winner Ichinose who railed the remaining five players. Ichinose eliminated Than Son Thach in sixth place, sent Duong Thanh Ha out in fifth place before scalping Katsuhiro Muto in fourth and Adrian Brion in third place to set up the heads-up battle against Vietnam’s Hoa Nguyen.

The final hand saw both players all in on the flop . Nguyen’s found some hope against Ichinose’s but, as the turn and river completed the board Ichinose had collected all the chips in play with his full house.

Kosei Ichinose

                                                 Kosei Ichinose

Final Table Results (Vietnamese Dong)

1. Kosei Ichinose – VND 344,820,000

2. Hoa Nguyen – VND 229,770,000

3. Adrian Brion – VND 159,380,000

4. Katsuhiro Muto – VND 115,050,000

5. Duong Thanh Ha (Harry) – VND 86,540,000

6. Than Son Thach – VND 67,630,000

7. Pham Ouang Huy – VND 54,930,000

8. Bui Dinh Nam – VND 46,450,000

9. Erik Billgren – VND 40,900,000

10. Pham Ngoc Quoc Bao – VND 35,850,000


Super Deep Stack Turbo 1

The Super Deep Stack Turbo 1 saw a total 81 players vying for the title. The winner emerged in Vietnam’s Cong Chi Nguyen who pocketed the VND 82,620,000 first place prize and his first-ever APT trophy.


Final Table Recap

The final table had its first exit in Dang Van Don (5th place) who was then followed to the rail by J. Michael Shell (4th place) and Chris Morrison (3rd place).

Kai Paulsen and Nguyen were then left to battle it out heads-up. In the final hand of the event, Paulsen’s king-eight couldn’t hold up against Nguyen’s pocket kings and the latter took down the tournament along his first-ever APT Trophy.

Cong Chi Nguyen

                                           Cong Chi Nguyen

Final Table Results (Vietnamese Dong)

1. Cong Chi Nguyen – VND 82,620,000

2. Kai Paulsen – VND 55,090,000

3. Chris Morrison – VND 38,250,000

4. J. Michael Shell – VND 27,590,000

5. Dang Van Don – VND 20,740,000


Pro Poker Club High Rollers

The three-day Pro Poker Club High Rollers event boasting of a VND 2 billion guarantee saw a total of 114 entries wager in the VND 32 million each to take the prize pool upwards of VND 3,327,400,000 with 19 players making it in the money.

At the end of the game’s play it was Vin Huynh who defeated Denis Pham heads up to pocket VND 701,970,000 after a heads-up deal was agreed upon and lifted his first-ever APT trophy.


Final Table Recap

The eight-handed table saw Michael Kim Falcon sporting the biggest stack and it took almost two hours for the field to get trimmed down to the final three players. By then, Falcon had amassed an even larger stack with three of those eliminations under his belt. However, Falcon’s run ended in third place.

The heads up battle between Pham and Huynh began with the eventual runner up finisher trailing in chips. Pham battled vigorously and took over the lead the Huynh doubled up to take back control and soon ended it all.

In the final hand of the event, Pham was all in for his tournament life with  and faced Huynh’s . The board blanked out and Huynh triumphed.

Vin Huynh

                                             Vin Huynh


Monster Stack

The Monster Stack event drew a total of 117 entries and at VND 7,700,000, each, this generated a prize pool of VND 794,430,000. Besting the field was Singapore’s Norbert Koh who defeated Indonesia’s Mustafa Mayaki heads up to pocket the VND 170,018,000 first place cash and his fifth APT trophy.

Norbert Koh

                                                 Norbert Koh


Super Deep Stack Turbo 2

The Super Deep Stack Turbo 2 pulled in 95 entries to create the VND 368,600,000 prize pool and Philippines’s John Tech defeated Scotland’s Chris Morrison heads-up to walk away with the VND 93,150,000 first prize.

John Tech

                                John Tech


6 Handed Turbo w/Antes

The 6 Handed Turbo event saw USA’s Michael Shell taking down the title after an epic run. Shell not only outlasted the 77-entry field of the event but overcame a 10:1 chip deficit against Vietnam’s Tran Viet Hoang to claim the title and the lion’s share of VND 80,480,000 from a VND 298,760,000 prize pool.

The final hand saw Shell with 9-5 offsuit, Hoang with 2-4 diamond suited, and both players moved all in on a board of Ax 6x 5x 9x with two diamonds. Tran missed the flush on the river and Shell shipped the event.

Michael Shell

                                               Michael Shell


Deep Stack Hyper Turbo

The final event of the series i.e. Deep Stack Hyper Turbo attracted a total of 76 players who ponied up the VND 3,300,000 buy-in to generate a VND 221,160,000 prize pool with the top 13 players earning a piece. The top five players all hailed from host country Vietnam and ruling over them all was Anh Nguyen who shipped the event to bank the VND 59,590,000 first place cash.

Anh Nguyen

                                                   Anh Nguyen

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