WPT Vietnam: Aditya Agarwal Placed 5/6 Coming Into Final Day of Main Event; 4 Indians Pick Up Scores on Day 3

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  • Attreyee K. Ganguly September 11, 2019
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Day 3 of the 2019 World Poker Tour (WPT) Vietnam Main Event concluded on September 10 with six finalists making it through to the final day. While Huynh Tan Dung bagged the overnight chip lead with 5.26 Million in chips, Indian poker icon and PokerStars India Team pro Aditya Agarwal (cover image) will be entering the final day placed fifth in chips with 1.20 Million.

Agarwal had a somewhat erratic day on the felts and several times came close to seeing his tournament life end. However, he was able to bounce back and entered the final table with the sixth-largest stack of 840,000. He was the first player to find a double up on the final table and for a brief while even held the chip lead. Following the eliminations of Tung Nguyen (7th for VND 596,986,000), Nguyen Van Dung (8th for VND 488,081,000) and Nguyen Nam Duong (9th for VND 378,272,000), the play was halted for the day.

The six finalists who will return for the final day’s play on September 11 at 1 PM (ICT) are all assured a minimum payout of VND 712,404,000 (₹22.02 Lakhs) but all eyes will be on the VND 3,782,723,000 (₹1.17 Crores) up top.

Among the 26 players who hit the rail on Day 3 were four Indian challengers. Jaideep Sajwan was the last Indian pro to be eliminated, and he finished in 13th place VND 267,739,000 (₹8.30 Lakhs). Rubin Labroo (17th for VND 219,438,000 – ₹6.80 Lakhs), Alok Birewar (18th for VND 219,438,000 – ₹6.80 Lakhs) and Sumit Sapra (22nd for VND 150,151,000 – ₹4.65 Lakhs), rounded the Team India cashes on Day 3.


Day 3 Recap

Day 3 was a roller-coaster ride for all the 32 runners who had made it through. A total of 26 eliminations took place through the day, ultimately ending with only six players advancing to the final day.

India’s poker superstar and PokerStars India Team pro Aditya Agarwal was the second biggest stack-holder, with 1,137,000 in chips, coming into Day 3. He was first spotted in the live coverage during level 20 when he won a pot against Martin Stausholm. Agarwal went on a bit of a downswing after that which saw his stack plunge down to 720,000. He lost to some chips to Nguyen Van Dung, and both Agarwal and Rubin Labroo lost a hand to Huynh Tan Dung. During level 23, Agarwal’s was bested by JC Sayo‘s with the latter barely avoiding elimination as he found a double-up through the Indian pro. Agarwal’s stack further dwindled down to 270,000.

Aditya Agarwal

However, Agarwal’s ‘never say die’ attitude didn’t waiver and two levels later he bounced back into the game when his overpowered David Erquiaga‘s , with the board running . Agarwal’s stack climbed to 1.37 Million. Ultimately, the poker maestro was the only Indian to make it to the final table with the sixth-biggest stack of 840,000.

Agarwal kept his fans informed of his progress throughout the day through Twitter.

Jaideep Sajwan held the fifth-biggest stack of 821,000 heading into Day 2. Like Agarwal, Sajwan too had a topsy turvy day on the felts. He started off on the wrong foot after losing a big pot to Hamish Crawshaw which saw his count dwindle down to 630,000.

Jaideep Sajwan

During level 20, fellow countryman Alok Birewar doubled up through Sajwan. Birewar 3-bet shoved for 148,000 and Sajwan called.

Alok Birewar

Jaideep Sajwan

The board ran and Birewar spiked a top pair and doubled up to 400,000, while Sajwan’s stack fell further to 430,000.

The downswing continued further as Sajwan lost yet another pot to defending champion Vincent Chauve, taking the former’s chip count down to 140,000. But immediately after that, Sajwan found a double-up which breathed new life into his play. With the board open , Sajwan’s bested Thananat Therdtakoonrat’s . Sajwan finally found some positive momentum and rose to 300,000.

During level 22, Sajwan was involved in an interesting hand. The Indian player opened to 50,000 from under-the-gun, and Huynh Duc Tai called from middle position. The flop came and Sajwan fired a bet of 40,000. Tai called again to see the turn . Sajwan checked, and Tai led out for 80,000. Sajwan called to see the on the river completing the board. Sajwan checked again, and Tai bet 200,000. Sajwan tanked for a while and then decided to call. Tai revealed his bluff, tabling and Sajwan took down the pot with . Sajwan’s stack climbed to 900,000.

Though Sajwan fought valiantly, his stellar run eventually came to an end during level 25. On his final hand of the tournament, Sajwan raised to 60,000 from the cutoff and Crawshaw in the small blind and a player in the big blind called. The flop fell and Sajwan check-bet to 100,000. Crawshaw check-raised to 240,000, and big blind got out of the way. Sajwan moved all-in, and Crawshaw called. Sajwan showed and Crawshaw tabled . The remaining two streets brought and . Both players had flopped a pair of queens, but Crawshaw’s king kicker won hm the pot eliminating Sajwan in 13th place for VND 267,739,000 (₹8.30 Lakhs).

Rubin Labroo was in top form entering Day 3 with 544,000 in the bag. Right off the bat, he knocked Josh McCully out of the competition. The latter’s were overpowered by Labroo’s , ending his run in 31st for VND 105,829,000. Labroo then went on to oust Le Anh Minh when the latter’s were pitted against Labroo’s . The board brought and Labroo’s two pair dismissed Minh in 25th place for VND 130,251,000.

Rubin Labroo

Eventually, Labroo’s dream run came to end in 17th place for VND 219,438,000 (₹6.80 Lakhs). Labroo’s were defeated by Huynh Tan Dung‘s . The board bricked, sending Labroo to the rail.

Alok Birewar was the only Indian making back-to-back deep runs in the WPT Vietnam Main Event. He had placed 12th in the March edition for VND 230,350,000 (₹6.88 Lakhs) and had a good start on Day 3 as well, quickly finding double-ups through Sajwan and Crawshaw. Nevertheless, he failed to improve upon his finish from the last edition. He moved all-in with against Zhao Jia Jun‘s . The runout gave Jun a pair of kings, resulting in Birewar’s 18th place exit for VND 219,438,000 (₹6.80 Lakhs).

Alok Birewar

Sumit Sapra was the first Indian to fall on Day 3. Though he had a shaky start and saw his stack plummet as Michael Seymour doubled up through him, he managed to win some chips back from JC Sayo soon afterward. His time in the Main Event was up when his locked horns with his opponent’s . The community cards brought and the opponent hit a pair fives on the flop, eliminating Sapra in 22nd place for VND 150,151,000 (₹4.65 Lakhs).

Sumit Sapra

Some other notables who finished in the money on Day 3 were JC Sayo (12th for VND 316,222,000), Edgar Antezana (14th for VND 267,739,000), Huynh Duc Tai (15th for VND 267,739,000), Vincent Chauve (23rd for VND 150,151,000), Martin Stausholm (27th for VND 130,251,000) and Francis Garson (29th for VND 105,829,000).

Following the elimination of Zhao Jia Jun in 10th place for VND 316,222,000, the nine-handed final table was set up.

Huynh Tan Dung entered the final table as the chip leader with a humongous stack of 6,005,000. He was the only player to amass 6 Million plus in chips, with Hamish Crawshaw (3,000,000) and Tung Nguyen (1,095,000) a distant second and third in stacks.


Final Table Chip Counts

1. Huynh Tan Dung – 6,005,000

2. Hamish Crawshaw – 3,000,000

3. Tung Nguyen – 1,095,000

4. Michael Seymour – 1,085,000

5. David Erquiaga – 995,000

6. Aditya Agarwal – 840,000

7. Nguyen Van Dung – 810,000

8. Nguyen Nam Duong – 730,000

9. Chen Da Jia – 370,000

WPT Vietnam Main Event Final Table

Final Table Recap

Aditya Agarwal was the first player to find a double up on the final table. Huynh Tan Dung raised from middle position to 100,000 and Agarwal jammed from the cutoff with 590,000. Dung called, tabling , while Agarwal turned over . The community cards showed and Agarwal rivered three-of-a-kind queens to rake in the massive pot which saw his stack jump to 1,305,000.

Nam Duong Nguyen was the first player to depart from the nine-player final table. Nguyen’s ran into Chen Da Jia’s , ending his run in ninth place.

Less than 30 minutes later, Van Dung Nguyen‘s were cracked by Michael Seymour’s which flopped a set of aces, dismissing the former in eighth place.

Finishing in seventh place was Tung Nguyen. He was entangled in a four-way pot during level 27. Nguyen jammed all-in from the hijack for 35,000, while Seymour limped from the cutoff for 60,000. Hamish Crawshaw completed his small blind, while Dung checked from the big blind. The three live players check through to see the board open . Crawshaw checked, Dung led out for 75,000, while Seymour and Crawshaw both called.

Huynh Tan Dung

Michael Seymour

Hamish Crawshaw

Tung Nguyen

Dung scooped the pot with his stronger pair of kings, while Nguyen was sent packing to the rail.

Dung ended Day 3 as the overnight chip leader with a massive stack of 5.26 Million, while Agarwal is placed fifth on the leaderboard with 1.20 Million in chips.

Huynh Tan Dung

Final Day Chip Counts

1. Huynh Tan Dung – 5,265,000

2. Michael Seymour – 3,920,000

3. Hamish Crawshaw – 2,090,000

4. David Erquiaga – 1,490,000

5. Aditya Agarwal – 1,205,000

6. Chen Da Jia – 980,000

Content & Images Courtesy – World Poker Tour and So Much Poker

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