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Official Sports Betting Thread

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    With the ongoing IPL and football craze not to mention an optimistic group of punters in the PokerGuru MTT Skype chat, why not start a thread on sports betting. Feel free to post match predictions, odds, tips or your betting swings here.

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    I follow Tennis regularly. I would like to bet on it (just for fun) and to make some $$ for the time spent. Where do I start?
    Also how is it in the long run ( -ev like casino games) or +ev if I can predict the winners at a decent win rate? )
    Is there any rake/fees? Rake back would be nice too :p

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    Poker Guru
    Poker Guru

    You can try sportsbook sites 888 Sports, William Hill Sports or Betfair.

    They all offer free no lose bets so if you lose your first bet upto GBP 25, they give you a refund. Its definitely +ve if you can predict winners at a decent rate but follow bankroll management.

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    Players can transfer money between Poker account and sportsbook account on same website…. playing poker on these network like 888 and ipoker is even more advantageous since even bigger buyin games are fish-tank…as said above BRM is necessary..
    best idea is to deposit every week amount u can afford to loose…for example deposit 500$…once u hit average score on poker tables like 2k-3k..then the real game begins on sportsbook..even 2-3 good bets can lead to 10K $ type profit easily 🙂

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    I heard sport betting site will limit your account once they find out ur making good money .

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    they can restrict ur Maximum amount to place on single bet but cannot completely freeze ur account…Similar to Blackjack table..they allow winning player but to table limit..

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