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Posted by Faiz Alam on 2019-04-04 at 6:13 AM

Hello Everyone..

its been a month since I was accepted to be a part of Adi ‘Intervention’ Agarwal’s coaching and mentoring program and my oh my what a month it has been.
All started with me shipping the Endevour tourney on Pokerbaazi for my biggest score in Online poker (3.9L) on the 5th of March. This was after just two sessions with Adi. Now u may think what can happen in a couple of sessions. my theory is a LOT can happen.. the biggest being change of mindset… I was in a downswing for sometime , same old story of running deep and then loosing a flip or hands not holding. But when it continues for a longer period of time , there has to be something other than luck which is missing. I still remember what adi said in the first session specifically to me. ” For u to win a tourney , all ur hands will have to hold up or there is absolutely no chance. Playing scared poker will not lead to any glory ” .

This got me really thinking and all i could come up with was it has to change.. starting from the negative mindset which comes with a prolonged downswing which almost every poker player goes through. I had to do things to get out of the rut which i had gone into and put all my time and energy into improving my game and mindset. With this thought I started to focus solely on improving my game and lapping up whatever was said in the sessions..The initial win did help a lot and i could feel that i was on the right track and was even more determined and focussed than ever before.. I pledged to myself that i will not let any negative thoughts into my mind and work my level best..

More sessions followed and i could feel my confidence growing with every session. I could see that whatever adi was saying in the sessions was leading to a big improvement in my overall gameplay. Then came the Sunday and i ran deep in most tourneys across sites. Finished 2nd in the SundaySuperStack for my new biggest live score of 4.2L. it took me two years of playing poker to get my biggest score by winning the endevour and it lasted for 5 days.
Now i was feeling even more confident in my game and one thing which i constantly kept reminding my self was that the results dont matter. What matters is the game play and how much I am learning and improving .
With the determination and confidence I kept the grind going, not letting any result get in my way. My sole focus was to work hard on my game. Every session with adi made things simpler to follow..
then came the 5 for 5 tourney on 17thMarch, a tourney which the top 5 players get 5 lakh each.I entered the FT in a comfortable 2nd position out of the 8 remaining players. but as the events unfolded on the FT , the soon comfortable 2nd position changed to 5/6 and then 6/6.. this tourney really showed me  what the term ICM presuure is all about. after a lot of ups and downs I did finally manage to finish in the top 5 for my new biggest online score..Its amazing what a good mindset and an amazing Coach can do to ur game.

The Month continued and so did the sessions and the online grind. got couple of more decent scores in the tiptri bubble tourney ( chopped with PokerGuru Staking Ambassador and crusher Ashish Ahuja) and finally ended the month as it started by shipping the new Saturday Social tourney for abt 2L.
The month of March has made me realize the importance of a clear mindset and even more importantly the role of a coach. Adi has just been exceptional in the way he gets concepts across. and all my scores and change in mindset would just not have been possible without him. He is truly a magician.

To end this blog , I would just like to say that the main focus of a poker player should be on improving the game and mindset rather than the result. When the game   improves , the mindset improves ,results will follow. It is important not to be bogged down by failures but to learn from it and improve.

Just would Like to thank adi once again . All credit goes to him.
A big shout out to Kartik ‘ TheInternetKid’ Ved and Vikram ‘Lungi’ Kumar for sticking with me when the results werent coming..

and the biggest shout out to my Wife. You have been a pillar of support for me and ur smile makes my day. 🙂

until next time , take care everyone and remember “Mindset change , learning and working hard are the key”.
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