Siddharth Karia Clashes With Dmitri Lebid
• Level : -, Ante

Dmitri Lebid just dug into Young Gun Siddharth Karia’s stack over a clash that began with the player in the middle position limping in. Karia 4-bet from MP+1 and Lebid who was in the cutoff flatted. Big blind Sanat Kaikini flatted as well to see the flop. The player in the middle position now folded and the rest of the table checked. On the turn, Karia flatted and Lebid shoved for 7.1K. Kaikini mucked his cards and Karia called to see the land on the river.

Siddharth Karia
Dmitri Lebid

Karia had flopped trips but Lebid had turned a full house with jacks and treys and he won the pot.

Siddharth Karia
Siddharth Karia

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