Sanchit Pande Finishes Runner-up
• Level 27: 30000 -60000,60000 Ante

It`s over! Devang Yadav has carried forward his start of day chip lead all the way to win the title.

The final hand of the tournament saw Sanchit Pande open for 130K and Devang Yadav made it 500K. Pande called.


Yadav bet 300K, Pande makes it 800K. Yadav jams 2.325M, Pande calls putting his tournament life at risk.

Devang Yadav

Sanchit Pande

The turn and river blank out declaring Yadav the champion! Sanchit Pande finishes runner-up collecting ₹8,87,200.

Sanchit Pande
Sanchit Pande

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