PokerGuru Ambassador Naresh Veeravalli Eliminated Twice
• Level 3: 100 -200,200 Ante

We caught up with PokerGuru Ambassador Naresh Veeravalli just as he was leaving his seat. His first elimination took place when Veeravalli’s pocket nines were cracked by his opponent’s Big Slick.

Not to be deterred, Veeravalli re-entered, but his second bullet did not yield better results. his second elimination happened at the hands of Dinesh Singh. Anuj Yadav, who finished 10th in the series opener Kick Off event, opened to 500 from UTG. Veeravalli who was to next to Yadav raised to 1,700. Action folded to Singh in the small blind to made it 5,700. Yadav folded and Veeravalli shoved for 15.5K. Singh called and showed . Veeravalli turned over . The runout blanked for the latter, signalling his exit from the competition for now.

Naresh Veeravalli
Naresh Veeravalli

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