PokerGuru Ambassador Jayjit Ray Wins Some
• Level 7: 300 -600,600 Ante

After winning a pot off PokerGuru Ambassador Nadeem Basha, Raghav Bansal set his sights on another Team Ambassador Jayjit Ray.

The hand saw Sriharsha Doddapaneni open the action from the UTG for 1.4K. The player on the cutoff seat called. Ray came along for the ride with a call from the button as well. Bansal defended his big blind, making it four-way to the flop . Bansal led out for 1.8K. Doddapaneni and the player in the cutoff folded but Ray raised all-in. Bansal called it off tabling against Ray`s . The turn and the river completed the board and Ray’s turned full house trumped Bansal’s two-pair!

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