Myron Pereira Bubbles the Big Bounty, Jyoti R Nayak Out 24th
• Level 16: 2500 -5000,5000 Ante

Sanket Sanganeria opened to 11K from the middle position before Chirag Sodha flatted from the button. Big blind Myron Pereira moved all-in for 37.5K. The action came back to Sanganeria, who moved all-in on top forcing Sodha to get out of the way.

Myron Pereira

Sanket Sanganeria

The board ran and Sanganeria’s aces held on to eliminate Pereira on the bubble.

Myron Pereira
Myron Pereira

Jyoti Ranjan Nayak was the first player to finish in the money and was eliminated in 24th place for ₹19,500.

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