Its Heads-Up Time!
• Level 27: 30000 -60000,60000 Ante

Following Sodha’s elimination in third place, the clock has been paused. The heads-up will now commence between Kshitij Kucheria and Deepanshi Tomar. Both players are yet to win a live title and therefore will be fighting hard to claim that first live trophy.

Heads-up Chip Counts

Kshitij Kucheria – 19,80,000
Deepanshi Tomar – 8,85,000

Though Tomar is presently on the backfoot, her resilience throughout the event has proved that she has the ability to make a comeback, while the more experienced Kucheria will be looking to ride the lead all the way to the title!

Kshitij Kucheria & Deepanshi Tomar
Kshitij Kucheria & Deepanshi Tomar

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