Deepanshi Tomar Survives
• Level 27: 30000 -60000,60000 Ante

The only woman warrior at the final table has been quite a revelation. She was in the thick of the action yet again when she won a pot from Kshitij Kucheria. Tomar opened to 125K and Kucheria called to see the flop . Both players checked to see the turn . Kucheria checked again and Tomar fired a bet of 150K. Kucheria called and the dealer flipped over the on the river. Kucheria moved all-in for 1.8 Million and Tomar called for her last 455K.

Deepanshi Tomar
Kshitij Kucheria

Tomar took down the pot with her better two pair and avoided elimination.

Deepanshi Tomar
Deepanshi Tomar

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