Chirag Sodha Eliminated in 3rd Place
• Level 27: 30000 -60000,60000 Ante

PokerBaazi’s very own Chirag Sodha has made a habit out of final tabling BPT events. Last year, he had final tabled the ₹50K Main Event, finishing fifth for ₹12.28 Lakhs. He is already off to a great start in this series after final tabling the ₹10K Kick-Off (5th for ₹1.48 Lakhs) and we can expect many more spectacular runs from him in the day’s to come.

Making back-to-back final tables, Sodha’s Big Bounty run came to an end when he moved all-in with 7 BBs from the button holding and was called by Kshitij Kucheria in the big blind with king-deuce off-suit. Kucheria went on to hit a one card king-high flush to eliminate Sodha in third place for ₹1.81 Lakhs.

Chirag Sodha
Chirag Sodha

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