Atul Gangal’s Double Up Leads to an Interesting Table Tale
• Level 8: 400 -800,800 Ante

We were at the table when Atul Gangal open-shoved with for 9,400 and Phanindra Akkina moved all-in over the top with . The board did give an early lead to Akkina with a pair of eights. However, it was Gangal who ultimately took down the pot with a turned pair of aces.

Though this was an interesting pot, it was the story of an epic hand that PokerGuru Ambassador Gokul Raj shared with us that truly caught our attention. Apparently, PokerBaazi Team pro Abhishek Rathod, sitting with a 12 big blind stack, limped from UTG with pocket aces. Kunal Patni ‘min-raised’ from the cutoff with , while Anuj Yadav cold called. Rathod shipped it in, prompting Patni to call, as Yadav folded. Needless to say, Rathod won the hand!

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