Archit Khandelwal & Chirag Sodha Spin Up
• Level 10: 600 -1200,1200 Ante

The play has been intense this level. Over on one of the tables, the action opened with the cutoff who raised to 2K on which PokerGuru Ambassador Jayjit Ray made it 8K. Archit Khandelwal then shoved from the small blind for 34K, evoking folds from the cutoff and Ray, and bringing a spin-up for Khandelwal.

Two hands later, Phanindra Akkina opened the button for 2.5K and was called by big blind Chirag Sodha. The flop of was checked around and so was the turn. After the river, Sodha led out 3.5K and Akkina called. Sodha showed and Akkina mucked his cards.

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