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Learn advanced Poker Strategy and improve your game! Read our Poker Strategy articles and watch strategy videos made by top pro's and fine tune your cash or tournament game. Whether you are a beginner in Poker or a seasoned player improve your game at PokerGuru and get hand advice from our pro team on the PokerGuru Forum.

Playing with Ace King in Tournaments

2011-02-05 11:47:01

Image 3 I am sure many of you have heard players complaining having lost a big pot with A K. Reckless aggression is a frequent mistake when holding Ace King.  In particular by those players who do not understand how vulnerable this hand can be. Regularly in poker online games tourneys whenever somebody in a hand is holding ace king you are probably going to either witness or take part in an oversized pot. The tendency for impatient players is............... [Read More]

How to Beat Small Stakes MTTs (part 1)

2011-02-05 12:16:24

Image 3 Playing the $2.20/180’s on stars!   Hey guys! Since I'm doing a video series on online video poker about how to beat the small stakes 180’s on stars I thought it would be a good idea to put my thoughts on the subject in writing as well. Please post comments and questions on the message board. Talking online poker is a great way to improve your game!   Why do I play the small stakes 180’............... [Read More]

How to Beat Small Stakes MTTs (part 2)

2011-02-05 12:23:11

Image 3 Lets continue the last article by discussing strategy in regards to different blind-levels and positions. This is kind of raw, but I think it will get you an idea of my poker strategy approach. Strategy BB<100 Early position I will fold most of my hands, even small pocket pairs like 44 and basically all suited connectors. If I do get a hand i wanna play, like 77+ or AJs+ I will raise. Not much but enough to get a few folds. I ha............... [Read More]

Turbo Sit N Go Strategy

2011-02-05 12:30:36

Turbo Sit 'N' Go tournaments require a different overall strategy because of their unique blind structure. This, along with opponent hand ranges allow for a profitable ICM strategy based mostly on mathematics. There is less profiling required in these tourneys because as the blinds speed up there is less and less manoeuvring in terms of post-flop poker tips. As a result, about halfway through a sit 'n' go turbo tournament, ............... [Read More]

Isolation Play for Beginners by Aditya Agarwal

2011-02-05 12:36:53

Hey guys, I am very excited to be writing poker strategy articles and to be able to share my poker knowledge with fellow poker enthusiasts .  The poker boom has begun in India and as many new people take up  the game I feel it is very important to learn from the bare basics.  I will try and explain the various plays which I hope will help every beginner and mid stage player take his or hers poker games online to the next level. ............... [Read More]

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FTOPS $100 Final Table Replay

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Image 5

FTOPS $100 Final Table Replay

FTOPS $100 Final Table Replay Watch and learn how Chris 'cdbr3799' Dombrowski emerges...
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