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    Pokerstars.Com and Pokerstars.in - TWO ACCOUNTS!

    Hello all, My name is Rakesh.

    As you might have guessed I was originally using the original Pokerstars.com Poker software/client and playing in dollars, competing with international players. But now after a long hiatus I try to play again on the client, but it says Pokerstars has officially launched in India with Pokerstars.in. And so I have to now play on that(pokerstars.com client simply does not let me register to games anymore), which is fine but I just wanna know what happens to my original account at Pokerstars.com. Should I close it? there is like 2 dollars real money in it as of right now, so don't really care about it doing it. Should I close it and reopen at Pokerstars.in? I just don't want to get in trouble with Pokerstars anti-multiple account policy where they freeze accounts/cashouts etc..

    Any advice on this issue? Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Rakesh - PokerStars has launched in India recently and due to this they have stopped access to PokerStars.com for Indian players. You will not get in trouble for making a new account on PokerStars India, in fact that’s the only option to Indian players who wish to continue playing on PokerStars. You can also contact their customer support for more information.

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