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    No authenticate reply

    i have been asking from 4 months, is it legal to withdraw money from neteller or not but nobody is replying

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    Hi, you may refer the summary of the key discussions held in a webinar on the ‘Effect of Black Money Law on Winnings From Games in E-wallets’ -


    Pls note its not illegal to withdraw money from e-wallets provided the same is disclosed as income and tax is paid.

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    so you mean i can deposit & withdraw money from pokerstars through neteller without any legal hassle?
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    Yes dude its not legal to do it without disclosing your income. People arent stupid trading dollars stars to stars without including ewallets.
    Buy sell via market place or thru thousands of FB groups and send or receive cash via hawala or bank. Grow up and google it or disclose and pay tax upto 30%. have DMed u some details
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    Hello Rivering didnt get your DM, Can you me send the details again.

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