MPC 28: Baby Dragon Day 1B Packed With Indian Challengers; Kunal Punjwani Final Tables Hyper Turbo
February 3, 2018, 16:11:49
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The Macau Poker Cup (MPC) is well underway and played out itsfirst Platinum Pass event at the PokerStars LIVE Macau poker room i.e. HK$8,000 Baby Dragon with the second starting flight (Day 1B) of the event attracting 564 players yesterday, which combined with 254 runners from the starting day’s flight brings up the total number of entrants up to 818, generating a gargantum HK$5,712,912 prize pool.

The bigger accomplishment is that the 818 turnout has made the event the largest Baby Dragon in MPC history, the Platinum Pass adds value to the already popular event which also promises a HK$1.2 million for first place.

Commenting on the turnout of the event, PokerStars Team Pro Aditya Agarwal stated, "This is one of the biggest fields in Asia for a US$1,000 buy-in, which makes it a great tournament, the field is great, this tournament is the equivalent of around US$1,000 and getting close to 820 players – unique entries not re-entries – is amazing. I think the Platinum Pass is excellent – it adds a lot of value and gives a lot of people a chance to play this amazing event starting in 2019. Great value and great for the players and I’m looking forward to the event.”

Agarwal had every reason to be excited as he himself made Day 2 with 58,700 in chips but could only manage a min-cash at 92nd place. He updated his railbirds through Twitter.

Meanwhile Event 14: Hyper Turbo was also being played out and Indian Kunal Punjwani made it to the final table of the event but unfortunately finished fourth with HK$28,700 (~₹2,35,357).


Baby Dragon - Day 1B

Just like the first flight, the second flight too was packed with Indian challengers. Players who made it to Day 2 from both the flights include Vidwath Shetty (86,000), Sumit Sapra (80,200), PokerStars Team Pro Aditya Agarwal (58,700) who was the only player representing the Red Spade, Vivek Rughani (49,000), Sriharsha Doddapaneni (41,200), Vinay BK (29,700), Abhisek Panda (26,600), and Nathan Rao (21,000).

Aditya Agarwal

                                               Aditya Agarwal

Those unfortunate souls who couldn’t proceed to Day 2 include Shuchi Chamaria, Young Gun Devesh Thapar, Aditya Sushant, Raghav Bansal, Sahil Chutani, Mukunda Dasharathy, Abhinav Iyer, Abhishek Jalan, Neeraj Kumar, Vinay Agarwal, Umesh Motiani, Chiraag Patel, Shashank Rathi, and Kanishka Upreti.

It was 40-year-old Chinese financier Feng Zhao, who was the chip leader by the end of play with 180,200 in chips, followed by China's Chendi Zhang (169,100) and Columbia's Fernando Capasso (144,300) who made the top three stacks. Other notable players advancing to Day 2 include the USA's Kenny Shih (75,200), Taiwan's Leon Hsu (56,900) and Scott Davies (30,500)

Players who failed to make the cut included former Baby Dragon champions Feng Wen ChenDerx Lai and Hong Kong's Sparrow Cheung.

Top 10 Day 1B Chip Counts

1. Feng Zhao - 180,200

2. Chendi Zhang - 169,100

3. Fernando Capasso - 144,300

4. Guancheng Chen - 117,600

5. Hao Tian - 106,200

6. Xu Jiang - 100,200

7. Edmund Lau - 97,800

8. Hsin Jou Lu - 90,900

9. Hou Keong Ip - 86,800

10. Vidwath Shetty - 86,000

Event 14: Hyper Turbo

The Hyper Turbo event featured a buy-in of HK$3,000 and attracted 115 players to collect HK$3,01,185 in prize money to be shared among the top 12 finishers. Dominating the field was Guofeng Hoe, who took down the event for HK$68,000 after defeating China’s Jie Su in the heads-up match.

Guofeng Hoe

                                              Guofeng Hoe

India`s Kunal Punjwani finished fourth for HK$28,700 (~₹2,35,357).

Kunal Punjwani

                                    Kunal Punjwani

Final Table Results (HKD)

1. Guofeng Hoe - HK$68,000*

2. Jie Su - HK$66,085*

3. Kai Li - HK$36,100

4. Kunal Punjwani - HK$28,700

5. Chen Bin Huang - HK$22,700

6. Wei En Shih - HK$19,600

7. Jun Obara - HK$16,500

8. Masato Nikawadori - HK$13,500

9. Hayato Kitajima - HK$10,500

*denotes heads-up deal

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