DPT Colossus: Sriharsha Doddapaneni Wins ₹200K Super High Roller For Career-Best ₹28.70 Lakhs; Satguru S Wins Bounty Event For ₹2.57 Lakhs
April 30, 2018, 17:04:23
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The Deltin Poker Tournament (DPT) Colossus Super High Roller Series onboard Deltin Royale, Goa saw a lower than expected turnout, with the ₹200K Super High Roller attracting just 44 entries, collecting ₹87.12 Lakhs in prize money. Sriharsha Doddapaneni bested them all to win a career-best ₹28.70 Lakhs. 28-year old Doddapaneni is a professional poker player from Hyderabad who currently resides in Delhi and has been a consistent performer both online and live. Only recently he missed out on the High Roller title at the Baadshah Gaming Live series, but this time he went the distance and defeated Meherzad Munsaf heads-up to pick up his first major live title.

The series was struggling for numbers all weekend with many regulars giving it a miss and the low turnouts even saw the cancellation of the ₹100K Cash Shoot Out event that was slated for April 28.

The final side event at the series - ₹25K NLH Bounty was taken down by Satguru S who defeated Kunal Patni heads-up to take home ₹2.57 Lakhs in prize money!


200K Super High Roller

Headlining the series was the ₹200K Super High Roller, a three-day deep structured event that allowed for up to 1 re-entry were player.  With late registrations open till the start of Day 2, the event registered a total of 44 entries that formed a ₹87.12 Lakhs total prize pool.

Adding to the glamour quotient at the series was the ‘Universe Boss’ – Chris Gayle who was among the notables in action. Giving him company at the event was 888poker ambassador Sofia Lovgren alongside many top pros from around the country!

At the end of play on Day 1, only 22 players bagged chips with Madan Kumar a clear frontrunner and the only player to take forward a stack above the 200K-mark with 222,000 in chips.


Top 10 Stacks at the End of Day 1

1. Madan Kumar – 222,000

2. Rahul Agarwal – 174,000

3. Shashank Jain – 171,000

4. Sahil Agarwal – 164,000

5. Anil Gulati – 146,000

6. Amit Jain – 143,000

7. Bibek Karki – 142,000

8. Sameer Chaturvedi – 126,000

9. Vikram Kumar – 121,000

10. Sandeep Singh Kohli – 102,000


Day 2 Recap

The deep structure afforded plenty of play and there were almost zero eliminations early on, though a few stacks had started consolidating.

India`s WSOP bracelet hero Aditya Sushant was among the first movers and shakers who first busted Kunal Patni and then knocked out both Nikita Luther and Winston Lee in one go! Sushant later scalped both Sahil Agarwal & Sunny Grrewal and just when it was looking like “Sushant`s show”, he was shown the door by the eventual champion Doddapaneni. Sushant opened cutoff and Doddapaneni 3-bet from the big blind. Sushant 4-bet shoved with card 2card 2 and Doddapaneni called with card 3card 1. The board ran card 3card 1card 1card 2card 2 and Doddapaneni busted Sushant with better two pairs.

Other notables who fell in the course of the day included Aditya Jain, PokerBaazi pro Vikram Kumar, Sameer Chaturvedi, Amit Jain, Shashank Jain, and Sofia Lovgren.

Play was to continue till the final table was formed and bubbling the nine-handed final table was Goa veteran Anil Gulati in tenth place. Having lost a big pot, Gulati was down to just one big blind and was put all-in with card 2card 2. Raghav Bansal and small blind called to called to see the flop card 3card 3card 3. Bansal bet and small blind folded. Bansal tabled card 3card 3 and won the pot after the card 2 turn and the card 3 river completed the rundown.

The top two finishers were also the top two stacks coming into the final table with Sriharsha Doddapaneni starting off with a stack of 547,000 in chips. Meherzad Munsaf took a stack of 541,000 to the final table.

Three players, namely Minissha Lamba, Vivek Rughani and Meherzad Munsaf, who had all final tabled the ₹50K Warm-up event, were once again in the running here making back-to-back final table appearances!


Final Table Chip Counts

1. Sriharsha Doddapaneni – 547,000

2. Meherzad Munsaf – 541,000

3. Madan Kumar – 397,000

4. Raghav Bansal – 323,000

5. Abhinav Iyer – 261,000

6. Minissha Lamba – 243,000

7. Bibek Karki – 155,000

8. Vivek Rughani – 106,000

9. Rahul Agarwal – 85,000


Final Table Recap

The first to exit was the day’s shortest stack Rahul Agarwal whose pocket aces were cracked by Bibek Karki. Bibek Karki held card 3card 1 and after the preflop all-in got help on the Qx 10x Kx 2x 7c rundown that forced Agarwal to exit in ninth place.

Incidentally, Karki was the next one out, courtesy Young Gun Abhinav Iyer. Iyer’s card 3card 3 were up against Karki’s card 2card 3 and found a better set on the board card 1card 2card 2card 3card 2 that eliminated Karki in eighth place.

In a twist of fate, the ₹50K Warm-up champion Vivek Rughani found himself short on luck as he got a big beat on the money bubble and went home empty handed. Rughani’s card 3card 1 were well ahead of Meherzad Munsaf’s card 3card 1 but the latter hit a full house on the board card 2card 1card 3card 3card 2 to take out Rughani in seventh place.

Vivek Rughani

                                                 Vivek Rughani

Madan Kumar was out next after he moved all-in card 2card 3 and got one caller in Iyer who tabled a better card 3card 2. The board ran card 1card 3card 1card 3card 3 and Kumar min-cashed in sixth place.

Madan Kumar

                                                   Madan Kumar

India`s High Roller specialist Raghav Bansal added yet another High Roller scoreto his tally with a fifth place finish. Munsaf opened with card 2card 3 and Bansal jammed behind him holding card 3card 1. Munsaf called and won on the rundown card 3card 3card 2card 1card 3.

Raghav Bansal

                                                  Raghav Bansal

Young Gun Abhinav Iyer was going strong but eventually settled in for a fourth place finish. Iyer opened with card 3card 3 and found one caller in Minissha Lamba who held card 3card 3. On the flop card 3:10ccard 2, Iyer jammed and Lamba check-called. It was game over for Iyer on the rundown card 2 and card 3.

Abhinav Iyer

                                            Abhinav Iyer

Down to the final three, ₹50K Warm-up runner-up Lamba was the first to go. Lamba opened, Doddapaneni 3-bet and Lamba jammed with card 1card 3. Doddapaneni called tabling card 3card 2 and won the pot on the board card 3card 2card 3card 3card 2.

Minissha Lamba

                                               Minissha Lamba

With that, the heads-up between Doddapaneni and Meherzad Munsaf began with the former eventually prevailing. On the last hand of the event, Doddapaneni’s card 1card 1 were up against Munsaf’s card 3card 1. The board fanned out card 2card 3card 3card 1card 3 crowning Doddapaneni as the champion!

Sriharsha Doddapaneni

                                          Sriharsha Doddapaneni

Final Table Results (INR)

1. Sriharsha Doddapaneni -  ₹28,70,000

2. Meherzad Munsaf - ₹19,16,000 

3. Minissha Lamba - ₹14,36,000

4. Abhinav Iyer - ₹10,90,000

5. Raghav Bansal - ₹8,00,000

6. Madan Kumar - ₹6,00,000


25K NLH Bounty

Though the ₹100K Cash Shoot Out event got cancelled, the last event of the DPT Colossus series, the ₹25K NLH Bounty wrapped up proceedings.

The event attracted a field of 26 runners with Satguru S topping them all to win the title. Satguru defeated Kunal Patni heads-up for the title.

Some known names in the field included Vikram Kumar, Bibek Karki, Lokesh B, Anmol Mehta, Abhijeet Shetty, Leo Soreres, Vaibhav Shah, Rajeev Kanjani and Gautam Sachdeva.

Missing out on the money were Vaibhav Shah (5th place), Rajeev Kanjani (6th place), and Vikram Kumar (7th place).

With only the top three players assured of a payday, the money bubble burst on Amit Ajwani after he moved all-in with card 1card 2 and Kunal Patni called with card 2card 1. Patni hit a set on the board card 3card 1card 3card 1card 3 to bust Ajwani on the money bubble.

Lokesh B finished third after he open shoved with card 3card 3 and Satguru S called with card 1card 2. The latter paired his six on the board to eliminate Lokesh in third place and set up the heads-up finale with Kunal Patni.

Patni entered the heads-up battle in the chip lead but lost a couple of key hands to get crippled and finally finished runner-up. The last hand of the event saw Patni’s card 3card 3 up against Satguru’s card 1card 3 and the community cards ran card 2card 3card 3card 1card 1 supporting Satguru.

Satguru S

                                       Satguru S

Final Table Results (INR)

1. Satguru S -  ₹2,57,400

2. Kunal Patni - ₹1,54,400

3. Lokesh B - ₹1,03,000

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